Marilyn Tomeo

Marilyn Tomeo: Journey to Your Heart

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Artist: Marilyn Tomeo

Artist: Marilyn Tomeo
Title: Journey to Your Heart

My focus has always been the journey of the heart. It is the truest indication of who we are. Our compassion for all living things is the barometer upon which I believe we are judged. The more we give, without expectation, the more joy we will find in our lives. My love of Mother Earth inspired 'Connected.' 'New Beginning' was written after my father died on December 23 and was first sung shortly after his death on New Years Eve. 'She Walks On Water' was written for the producer and inspired by her sister. It is the only song on the album that was recorded live, all tracks at once. The album is very eclectic with songs that range from Pop to Latin to Hawaiian to Rap to Country to Rock. It is amazing to me how inspiring every day can be. I hope that there is something on this album that in some way inspires others.

1.1 Journey to Your Heart
1.2 Joy
1.3 Adios to My Heart
1.4 All I Can Think About
1.5 Palm Trees and Orange Skies
1.6 No Guilt, Fault, Shame or Blame
1.7 Here Come Freedom
1.8 The Wild Zone
1.9 She Walks on Water
1.10 Nothing More Beautiful Than You
1.11 Treachery
1.12 Connected
1.13 A New Beginning
1.14 Little Child

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