Marina Raye: Beauty Everywhere

Marina Raye: Beauty Everywhere
Title: Beauty Everywhere
Label: CD Baby

Marina Raye's 16th release on her Native Heart Music label is an uplifting journey into the heart of beauty. She plays enchanting melodies on native-style flutes hand-crafted by her husband, flutemaker, Charlie Oakwind. Nature is the accompaniment with the haunting sounds of Humpback Whales and the gentle sound of ocean waves. Raye recorded the ocean sounds in 1998 on the Gulf Coast. Beauty Everywhere is dedicated to the healing of the waters. Raye is an internationally-known recording artist who was born in the Congo. She draws inspiration from her deep connection with the Earth as she shares her vision of a world of peace, compassion and beauty. Known as the "Feminine Voice of the Native Flute," Raye takes her listeners into a new realm of beauty and tranquility. The Chicago Aspectarian has called her "An inspiring sonic shaman" because of her mastery of the native flute. What makes Marina'a music so special is it's deeply emotive quality. "To call Marina Raye's flute playing 'soulful' is an understatement; few artists are as skilled at creating the sort of haunting, inherently spiritual reverie that Raye immerses her listeners in.  The tones and timbres that her flute takes on often feel more like emotions or moods - dreamy with a tinge of melancholy, simple on the surface yet complex when you listen harder." Dan Cowan, Music Design In Review. Eight exquisite tracks lead listeners on an uplifting journey. Highlights include the title track, "Beauty Everywhere," which is a delicious conversation of flutes with the sounds of the Humpback Whales, creating a rich tapestry of sounds. "Wisdom Keepers" combines Raye's hauntingly beautiful flute track with Waterphone and whale calls. On "Rainbow Bridge" Raye plays an exquisite melody with the distant calls of Humpback Whales. The combination of the uplifting melodies of Raye's flutes with the gentle sounds of waves and whales provides a musical tapestry that is rich and fluid. This music is appropriate for yoga, massage and relaxation. In Raye's words, "This music was inspired by the cover art of Charles Frizzell and also by the special connection I feel with whales and dolphins. I felt called to begin working on this music shortly after the Gulf oil spill. I have spent a lot of time on the Gulf Coast and felt deeply saddened by this tragedy. The music is dedicated to the healing of the waters. The sound of ocean waves on Beauty Everywhere is from the recording of the Gulf that I made in 1998 in Gulf Shores, Alabama, U.S.A."

1.1 Beauty Everywhere
1.2 Wisdom Keepers
1.3 Healing Waters
1.4 I See Your Beauty
1.5 Beauty Revealed
1.6 Rainbow Bridge
1.7 Heart of Beauty
1.8 The New Earth

Marina Raye: Beauty Everywhere

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