Mario Joyner

Mario Joyner: Where Did I Put Those Bits

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mario Joyner

Title: Where Did I Put Those Bits
Label: CD Baby

Hi, I'm Mario Joyner. I've been doing standup comedy for 23 years and have performed with some of the biggest names in the comedy industry. In the late 80's, as the host of the MTV Half Hour Comedy Hour, I played a part in helping to launch the careers of many of the comedy stars you know today. I'm a well known headliner on the national comedy club circuit and made a number of network television appearances (7 Tonight Shows, 6 Letterman's, 5 Arsenio Hall shows) and I don't know how many cable shows. Today... after just about every show someone will ask me, where they could hear more of your stuff? Do you have a website? Do you have a DVD? A CD? WHAT, NO CD? Now thanks to the geniuses at the Apple Store (Third Street Promenade) I have been able to put some these performances together in a CD. Listen laugh and come back for more. Thanks. Oh, and by the way I do have a website.... MARIOJOYNER.COM.

1.1 Souplatation
1.2 Wearing Glasses
1.3 Home Depot
1.4 Male Maid
1.5 Prostate Exam
1.6 Shooter Brothers
1.7 The Cellphone
1.8 Wilderbeest
1.9 Porno Free
1.10 Midlife, No Kids
1.11 Dating a White Girl
1.12 Ticket Ripper

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