Marion Loguidice

Marion Loguidice: Mother Wheel

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Title: Mother Wheel
Label: CD Baby

Marion Loguidice's debut CD, 'Mother Wheel', delivers wildly poetic lyrics coupled with driving melodies that push consciousness to the edge. She weaves intimate tales of grief, beauty, anger and forgiveness, stretching the borders of rock, pop and folk with her diverse range of musical styles. An evening with Marion's music promises to feed our hopes and open us up to the possibility of life lived on the edge of both motion and stillness. 'Marion's voice, like her words and music, is deep, sonorous, and earthy. It kind of defies any sort of pat characterization or classification. She has an arresting quiver that I find heart-stopping. Marion has taken her experiences and spun them into song-stories that resonate on many levels.' -- Cyndi Lauper The New York Resident News Paper No less a musical authority than Cyndi Lauper has called her a 'street-wise, passionate, and arrestingly truthful' singer after catching her compelling live show at Joes Pub. And producer extraordinaire Arif Mardin exclaimed that he had just heard a musical poet after listening to one of her recordings. Lauper and Mardin are talking about Marion Loguidice, a born and bred New York City artist whose unique musical journey has been steadily gaining fans whose paeans are as breathless as Lauper's. Selling out area clubs is LoGuidice's forte lately; her guitar based songs are personal, spiritual narratives that draw listeners into her world through a voice that drips with honestly and emotion. Now in her late 30s, LoGuidice has been writing tunes for a couple of years but only recently has taken the plunge into recording and live concerts. The resulting CD, Mother Wheel, is available at her web site ( and contains 13 tracks that show off the poetry in her composing and the power in her performing, something that her Joe's pub appearance will no dout reiterate. - Kevin Filipski.

1.1 Mother Wheel
1.2 Mountains
1.3 Every Woman Alive
1.4 James
1.5 Mr. Brown {Live @ Joes Pub in NYC}
1.6 I'm Dancin
1.7 God Wouldn't Ask MW
1.8 I Pretended
1.9 You'll Pray
1.10 Dirty Goddess
1.11 There's No Peace
1.12 Handful of Rain
1.13 My Faith
1.14 Please Let Me Into Your Storm { Live}

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