Mark Abdilla: Celtic Island

Mark Abdilla: Celtic Island
Title: Celtic Island
Label: CD Baby

Mark Abdilla is a concert guitarist who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area where he has lived most of his life. After recieving a bachelor's degree in classical guitar from San Francisco State University in 1996, Mark has been recording and performing music ever since. Mark primarily performs all over northern California as well as yearly tours of Europe primarily Edinburgh Scotlands (fringe festival) and in Riga (Latvia). Although five of Marks cds are renaissance, classical and Baroque styles, His most recent release is traditional Celtic music. Titled Celtic Island, It is rather unique in that it features the 6 and 12 string guitar performing pieces that are usually played on fiddle, bagpipes, whistle and harp. While it is mostly a solo guitar CD, several of the tunes are embellished with some of the these traditional celtic instuments. Mark has performed four times at Irelands National festival (Fleadh choil).

1.1 Banish Misfortune
1.2 March of the Clans
1.3 Boys of Bluehill
1.4 Balarney Pilgrim
1.5 George Brabazon
1.6 The Foggy Dew
1.7 Connaught Man's Ramble
1.8 The Butterfly
1.9 Johnie Cope
1.10 Shi Beg Shi Mor
1.11 The Kesh
1.12 Paddy Greens Shamrock Shores
1.13 The Flax in Bloom
1.14 Cooleys Reel
1.15 The Maid Behind the Bar
1.16 Foxhunters Tale
1.17 The Morning Dew
1.18 Out on the Ocean
1.19 Drowsey Maggie
1.20 Paddy O 'Carroll

Mark Abdilla: Celtic Island

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