Mark Bernstein: Walk with Me

Mark Bernstein: Walk with Me
Title: Walk with Me
Label: CD Baby

The name Mark Bernstein may not be familiar to most parents, but it will be. 'Walk with Me' is the debut album from this married father of one. What makes this album unique is the fact that Bernstein is targeting elementary aged children and their parents. 'I didn't want to make an album that talks about animals in the zoo or how to brush your teeth', states Bernstein, 'I wanted to write pop songs with themes that are important and relevant to kids of all ages'. Bernstein not only promises that kids will loves his music but adults and parents will love the songs as well. 'The last thing I want to do is drive parents crazy or bore them to no end. I'm completely aware that parents have to listen to their child's favorite albums over and over again so I make sure to appeal to all age groups'. Bernstein interjects his upbringing into his music. Raised on 80s pop, he keeps his songs upbeat, melodic, and engaging. Lyrically, he wants every song to have meaning. 'Each song has a theme or message that I want to get across. Sometimes it's obvious and sometimes it's more subtle. This is where parents come in. I want this album to be something families can enjoy listening to together and it can potentially serve as a way for parents and children to communicate as well'.

1.1 To Be American
1.2 Things I'd Rather Do
1.3 Dreams
1.4 Balance
1.5 Walk with You
1.6 Open Your Heart
1.7 The Love Song
1.8 Wonderful Way
1.9 Wilbur Robinson
1.10 G'night

Mark Bernstein: Walk with Me

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