Mark Binder

Mark Binder: Holiday Present

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mark Binder

Title: Holiday Present
Label: CD Baby

...worth a listen. Scrupulously multicultural... shot through with the same spirit of generosity, fellowship and the transformative power of kindness - which, of course, is the idea. -The Providence Journal tales that get to the heart of each cultural celebration. For example, "Jack and the Christmas Tree" is a unique twist on "Jack and the Beanstalk," where the centerpiece spruce does the growing rather than a beanstalk. "The Boy Who Hated Potato Latkes" tells the humorous story of Binder's son's dislike for the popular holiday dish, and the sacrifices he was willing to make to avoid eating them. Some stories, like the Diwali-themed "The Gold Coins" have a lesson, whereas others are more about good celebratory fun. Binder's very entertaining style will but a smile on the faces of parents and kids alike, while highlighting multicultural traditions in the process. -New Sound Kids The stories are clever, with touches of humor that only adults will catch.... This multicultural collection provides a rich resource for a variety of celebrations. -School Library Journal.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Little Drummer Medley
1.3 Intro to Jack
1.4 Jack and the Christmas Tree
1.5 Kwanzaa Intro
1.6 A Kwanzaa Surprise
1.7 Og Intro
1.8 Og Saves the World
1.9 Latke Intro
1.10 The Boy Who Hated Latkes
1.11 Diwali Intro
1.12 The Gold Coins
1.13 Ramadan Intro
1.14 My House Is Too Small for Ramadan
1.15 Give to Me Some Cookies!
1.16 We Wish You
1.17 Rock ; Roll Hit: We Wish You a Merry Multicultiral End of Year Holiday
1.18 Chicken Training [Outtake]
1.19 Mamma Mamma! [Outtake]

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