Mark Bingham: Psalms of Vengeance

Mark Bingham: Psalms of Vengeance
Title: Psalms of Vengeance
Label: CD Baby

Mark Bingham has spent the last 40 years writing, playing, arranging, producing, and engineering music for his own projects and others. He has recorded James 'Blood' Ulmer, The Golden Eagles, and Nicholas Payton, arranged for REM, played guitar, bass, yuke, and banjo with Allen Ginsberg and Shannon Macnally, and produced MX-80, Glenn Branca, and Morning 40 Federation. He recently wrote the music for Ed Sanders (of the Fugs) spoken word CD 'Poems For New Orleans'.

1.1 The Earth Cracks
1.2 Man (Sleeping in Marseille)
1.3 It Never Goes Away
1.4 Pissoffgod. Com
1.5 My Enemy
1.6 Louisiana Proverbs
1.7 Remember Everything
1.8 Harlot's Ghost
1.9 Thum
1.10 M-My G-Generation (40 Years Later)
1.11 Disgraceland

Mark Bingham: Psalms of Vengeance

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