Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell: Silent Night

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mark Campbell

Title: Silent Night
Label: Naxos Opera Classics

Kevin Puts is one of America's most exciting and important composers. His first opera, Silent Night, with a libretto by Mark Campbell, was commissioned by Minnesota Opera. It premiered in 2011 and went on to win the Pulitzer Prize. A work propound and sweeping emotional power, it has since entered the modern operatic repertoire with remarkable speed, enjoying world-wide performances. The opera is based on Christian Carion's screen-play for the 2005 French war film Joyeux Noël, and it's fictionalized subject is the series of Christmas truces on the Western Front in 1914.

1.1 * Silent Night
1.2 Act I Prologue: Ogni Notte (Anna, Nikolaus, German General, German Soldiers)
1.3 Act I Prologue: Jonathan! (Palmer, Jonathan, William, Scottish Soldiers)
1.4 Act I Prologue: Ne Pars Pas Si Tu (Madeleine, Audebert, French Soldiers)
1.5 Act I Prologue: One More Week Here in Glasgow (William, Jonathan, Palmer, Nikolaus, Audebert, Scottish, German and French Soldiers)
1.6 Act I Scene 1: Come on, Brother (Jonathan, William)
1.7 Act I Scene 2A: How Many? (Gordon, Palmer, Jonathan, a Scottish Soldier)
1.8 Act I Scene 2B: Combien? (Audebert, a French Soldier, French General, Ponchel)
1.9 Act I Scene 2B: Blessés: Grabert, Pierre (Audebert)
1.10 Act I Scene 2C: Sleep... (Scottish, French and German Soldiers)
1.11 Act I Scene 2C: Anna, Meine Anna (Nikolaus)
1.12 Act I Scene 2C: Interlude: Night Becomes Day
1.13 Act I Scene 3A: Christbäume (Horstmayer, Nikolaus, a German Sentry, a German Soldier)
1.14 Act I Scene 3B: Regardez Ça (French Soldiers, Ponchel, Audebert)
1.15 Act I Scene 3C: Mother, William and I Have Received Your Package (Jonathan, Palmer)
1.16 Act I Scene 4: Per Una Notte Sola! (Anna, Nikolaus, Kronprinz)
1.17 Act I Scene 4: Komm, Frühling! (Anna, Nikolaus)
1.18 Act I Scene 4: Sieht Aus Wie Der Balkon, Auf Dem Wir Uns Begegnet Sind (Anna, Nikolaus)
1.19 Act I Scene 5: And Where Did You Find That?! (Palmer, a Scottish Soldier)
1.20 Act I Scene 5: Many the Miles I Have Travel'd (Palmer, Gordon, Ponchel, Horstmayer, Nikolaus, Scottish Soldiers)
1.21 Act I Scene 5: Hab Freude Im Herzen, O Christenheit! (Nikolaus, Ponchel, Gordon, Palmer, Horstmayer, French Sentry, Audebert, Scottish Soldiers)
1.22 Act I Scene 5: Dormi, Jesu! (Nikolaus, Horstmayer, French Soldiers, Gordon, Scottish Soldiers, German Soldiers, Ponchel, Audebert)
1.23 Act I Scene 5: Gentlemen... (Gordon, Nikolaus, Audebert, Horstmayer, Ponchel, German, Scottish and French Soldiers, Palmer, Anna)
1.24 Act I Scene 5: I Can Still Hear You... (Jonathan, a German Soldier, Palmer, Gordon, Nikolaus, Audebert, Horstmayer, Ponchel, Scottish Soldiers)
1.25 Act I Scene 5: Dona Nobis Pacem (Anna, Palmer)
2.1 Act II Scene 1: Interlude - Was Soll Das? (German Soldiers, Gordon, Palmer, Horstmayer, Audebert)
2.2 Act II Scene 1: Well, Here We Are (Gordon, Horstmayer, Audebert, Ponchel)
2.3 Act II Scene 2: Interlude: Burying the Dead
2.4 Act II Scene 2: Irgendwo, Irgendwann (Anna)
2.5 Act II Scene 3: Despicable! (British Major, Kronprinz, French General)
2.6 Act II Scene 3: Well, I'm Afraid That's It (Gordon, Horstmayer, Audebert)
2.7 Act II Scene 4: Ich Erhielt Gerade Nachricht (Horstmayer, Anna, Nikolaus)
2.8 Act II Scene 4: Nous Demandons (Anna, Nikolaus, Audebert, Ponchel)
2.9 Act II Scene 4: It Was the Most Amazing Thing (Scottish, German and French Soldiers, Jonathan, Audebert)
2.10 Act II Scene 5: I Don't Have to Tell You (British Major, Palmer)
2.11 Act II Scene 5: Ponchel. Que S'est-Il Passé? (Audebert, Ponchel)
2.12 Act II Scene 5: Make Me a Channel of Your Peace (Palmer)
2.13 Act II Scene 5: Si Vous Êtes Venu Me Faire la Morale... (Audebert, French General)
2.14 Act II Scene 5: In Zwei Tagen (Kronprinz, Horstmayer, a French Soldier, a German Soldier, a Scottish Soldier)

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