Mark Dunn

Mark Dunn: Mark Dunn

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mark Dunn

Title: Mark Dunn
Label: CD Baby

Beginning his music career in Philadelphia, Mark Dunn has performed and studied music in various locations throughout the world. Different styles are reflected throughout his work. Mark Dunn's Debut  CD - Review by Chuck Miller of WRTI Jazz 90 Philadelphia, PA. From the get go Mark Dunn's release is hot.  You hear all that's good in the Philly jazz scene; eloquent writing and highly crafted performance that swings hard.  The release spans hard bop harmonies, to blues and ballads and a taste of Brazilian influence just for fun.  As you hear the first track, 'Cousin Joe' I'll almost guarantee that you'll say to yourself, 'What a great record!'  If you like that east coast sound, this is a must have for your collection.'

1.1 Cousin Joe
1.2 Sim Sim Sim
1.3 Mark My Words
1.4 Take My Hand
1.5 Aries
1.6 Alone Again
1.7 Farewell
1.8 Afterthoughts
1.9 Stink
1.10 Bernadette's Song

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