A. Borodin

A. Borodin: Prince Igor

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Product Type: CD
Artist: A. Borodin

Title: Prince Igor
Label: Melodiya

1.1 Overture
1.2 Glory to the Beautiful Sun in the Sky
1.3 On to the Battle with the Enemy of Russia
1.4 Princes, It Is Time We Took the Field
1.5 Let the Princesses and Boyarynias Come
1.6 Glory, Glory to Volodimir
1.7 Are You Amused Enough, Prince?
1.8 Glory to Prince of Galich
1.9 Oh Trouble, Oh Grief
1.10 Stop Lads and Look Here
1.11 Our Prince Volodimir
1.12 He Is the One to Be the Prince of Putivl
1.13 A Long Time Has Passed
1.14 The Maids Have Come to See You, Princess
1.15 My Prince, Good Gracious
1.16 Welcome, Boyars
1.17 The Poor Flow Dries and Fades in the Sun Without Water
1.18 Dance of the Polovtsian Maidens
1.19 The Light of Day Fades
1.20 My Fellow Maidens, Give the Prisoners Some Cool Water
2.1 The Sun Goes to Rest Behind the Mountain
2.2 Slowly the Day Died Away
2.3 Is That You, My Vladimir
2.4 No Sleep, No Rest for My Tormented Soul
2.5 Let Me Say a Word, Prince
2.6 Are You Well, Prince?
2.7 Hey, Bring in the Maiden Prisoners in
2.8 Fly Away on the Wings of the Wind
2.9 Wild
2.10 Sing a Song of Glory to the Khan
2.11 Boys' and Men's Dance
2.12 Fly Away on the Wings of the Wind
2.13 Boys' and Men's Dance
2.14 Amuse the Khan with Our Dance
2.15 The Host Is Coming Home, the Host Is Coming with Triumph
2.16 Our Sword Gave Us Victory
2.17 Play, Horns
2.18 We Follow Him to Take Counsel
2.19 Hasn't Our Khan Seized the City?
2.20 Khan Konchak Is Like the Sun
3.1 Prince, Prepare for a Journey Soon
3.2 Vladimir, Could That Be True?
3.3 Prince Igor Has Galloped Away
3.4 Oh, I Weep, I Shed Bitter Tears
3.5 Oh, a Wild Wind Blew
3.6 It All So Sad Around
3.7 Play You Gudok-Player, and You Play Your Gudok Too
3.8 Hey, Enjoy Yourselves! Hey, Enjoy Yourselves! Play Your Gudok to the Glory of Prince of Seversky!

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