Mark Furman

Mark Furman: Clap Along with MFB

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mark Furman

Title: Clap Along with MFB
Label: CD Baby

The Mark Furman Band has been around the Philly-area blues scene for over 10 years. The guitar trio draws on blues, funk, R&B, and reggae, putting on an energetic and fun live show. The band's latest CD, Clap Along with MFB, was released on November 22, 2003. It showcases the band's musical diversity as well as some of Philly's great singers-Sister Blue, John Bishop, and Shakey, to name a few. Mark Furman has been playing telecaster guitar in various bands for 25 years. His credits include Crossharp Sharp's Blues Review, the Sister Blue Band, Alicia, and the Tough Luck Band.

1.1 I'll Be Missing You
1.2 Transit Man
1.3 Coffee Cup
1.4 One Foot on the Highway
1.5 Da Ba Da
1.6 Transportation Blues
1.7 El Paso Sky
1.8 I Heard You Bought a Gun
1.9 Last Minute Cuica
1.10 Spanish Rose
1.11 Hot Tamale Man
1.12 No More Men
1.13 King Paul

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