Mark Harris Nelson: A Daydreamers Variety Pack

Mark Harris Nelson: A Daydreamers Variety Pack
Title: A Daydreamers Variety Pack
Label: CD Baby

God only knows where this nusic comes from. I have no musical training (both my parents where music teachers), but they both gave up on me because all I wanted to do was make movies. I started making movies with my dads 8MM camera at seven, studied cinematography in high school and college winning best film student two years in a row. I did however discover movie soundtracks when I was nine. While everyone else was listening to the latest rock hits, I'd be listening to movie music. In the seventies I dicovered synthesizers, played keboards in a rock band and my composing began. This is my third CD. My first was 'Soundtrack of the Mind', my second was 'Western Soundtracks' and now this one.

1.1 Daydreamer
1.2 Memories of You
1.3 Three Miracles
1.4 I'm Human
1.5 Saved
1.6 Aj's March
1.7 Footprints in the Sand
1.8 Shane's Song
1.9 Lost on Hwy 6
1.10 Today I'm a Cowboy
1.11 D Composing in C
1.12 Heidi's Carousel
1.13 Alone Amongst Millions
1.14 It Came from Beyond My Imagination
1.15 Was Lost But Now I'm Found
1.16 Fishers of Men
1.17 The Purple Pit (Live)
1.18 Mark Hazard Secret Agent
1.19 Just a Thought
1.20 Baroque - in Music
1.21 Mom's Song (1921-2008)

Mark Harris Nelson: A Daydreamers Variety Pack

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