Mark Hazzard: Marcs Thyme on Paradise Isle

Mark Hazzard: Marcs Thyme on Paradise Isle
Title: Marcs Thyme on Paradise Isle
Label: CD Baby

This music originated from the early 20th century. Half of the songs, 'Alexander's Ragtime Band, Chevy Chase Rag, Five Foot Two, Junk Man Rag, The Pearls, and Shim Me Sha Wabble' were songs I learned when I was playing with various Dixieland bands. They lend themselves well to the 'Stride Piano Style' so I adopted them for some of my live solo piano performances. 'Alligator Crawl, Carolina Shout, Sweet Savannah Sue and Viper's Drag' were songs I learned (by ear) after hearing them played by Thomas 'Fats' Waller on his various recordings. As a performer, his playful manner inspired me to learn this style of piano playing. The songs 'Copper Penny Rag and Marc's Thyme' are original compositions. My intent was to capture the feeling of the 'Stride Piano' and 'Ragtime' styles and then add a slightly modern twist. I sincerely hope you enjoy this CD. This music is a lot of fun to play! Mark Hazzard.

1.1 Alexander's Ragtime Band
1.2 Alligator Crawl
1.3 Carolina Shout
1.4 Chevy Chase Rag
1.5 Copper Penny Rag
1.6 Five Foot Two
1.7 Junk Man Rag
1.8 Marc's Thyme
1.9 The Pearls
1.10 Shim Me Sha Wabble
1.11 Sweet Savannah Sue
1.12 Viper's Drag

Mark Hazzard: Marcs Thyme on Paradise Isle

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