Mark Islam: Recent Past

Mark Islam: Recent Past
Title: Recent Past
Label: CD Baby

In an era of flannel-clad clones, second-rate retreads, & cowboy-hatted pretty boys -- where everyone is invariably hyped as The Next Fill-In-The-Blank -- Mark Islam cherishes that which makes him unique. On his debut album, 1998's THE RECENT PAST, he does not serve up the same stultifying, stupefying homogeneity. THE RECENT PAST is a tuneful journey that covers thematically vast territory, from insightful character portraits, to feel-good romps, to broken-hearted love laments. He confronts frothy-mouthed homophobes on 'Get Used To It,' the album's decidedly most outspoken track, and on the closing 'Just One Paycheck Away,' he thoughtfully articulates the plight of the shrinking middle-class during the early 90's American economic downturn. Featuring some of Southern California's finest musicians -- including guitarist/producer EDWARD TREE, keyboard player SKIP EDWARDS (from Dwight Yoakam's band), Mark Romano, & singers Claudia Russell (of Maggie's Farm fame) and Mare Lennon -- THE RECENT PAST is a 12-song collection of tunes exploring & celebrating the tapestry of life: the doubts, complexities, perplexities, joys, desires, inner conflicts, outrages, triumphs. REVIEWS '...intelligent, pop-flavored songs with melodies that stick with you. Lyrically, he tends toward story songs about outcasts and lonely hearts and doesn't shy away from taking strong stands.' -DIRTY LINEN 'The routine & tortured sentimentality of country music is altogether eluded on THE RECENT PAST...Islam shows an ability to establish a mood and offer an unusual perspective on routine events.' -REVOLVER (Sydney, Australia) ''Always The Bridesmaid' and especially 'Beat-Up El Camino' are superior songs that resemble James Taylor if he started his career along Nashville's Music Row. Harmonies and vocals are the songs' biggest assets. Islam's lyrics are another definite asset...When Islam straddles the line between popular 'new' country and roots pop, it's with a great result.' -ALL MUSIC GUIDE '...A disc of unconventional folk/rock.' -DAILY CAMERA (Boulder, Colorado) 'Mark Islam's THE RECENT PAST is a vibrant work by a gifted lyricist with a sweet as honey voice. Standout ballads include 'Linda' & 'Beat-Up El Camino.'' -HERO MAGAZINE ' intriguing saga of unfolding stories backdropped by the rhythm elements of country, soft rock, & pop performed by some pretty good Southern California musicians...Fact is, the more I listened to it, the more I liked it.' -MOM GUESS WHAT (Sacramento, California) 'As a vocalist, Islam can be jovial, intense, sad or smooth.' -MIXDOWN (Australia) '...Islam knows how to spin out stories, often of lonely people at the edges of society.' -BOSTONIA 'These are songs with both character and characters, which have the power to take you from commiseration to celebration.' -CAPITAL Q WEEKLY (Sydney, Australia) '...His deceptively simple songs, delivered in a smooth tenor voice, resonate because they tap into deeper stories and deeper truths.' -FAB (Toronto)

1.1 Dirges in the Dark
1.2 Always the Bridesmaid
1.3 If You Had Half a Heart [You'd Be Dangerous]
1.4 Get Used to It
1.5 Lose These Blues
1.6 Linda
1.7 Peace on Earth [What Is It Worth]
1.8 Goodbye to All That
1.9 What'll I Do [About Loving You]?
1.10 Beat-Up El Camino
1.11 The Only Thing That Makes Her Feel Alive [I Know Why the Caged B
1.12 Just One Paycheck Away

Mark Islam: Recent Past

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