Mark Jungers

Mark Jungers: More Like a Good Dog Than a Bad Cat

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Artist: Mark Jungers

Artist: Mark Jungers
Title: More Like a Good Dog Than a Bad Cat

This is a rootsy collection of songs about dead dogs, cattle-rustling, blizzards, and the like with an ever-present nod to the here and now. From the twistedly upbeat to the deliciously dark, you will find a place to fit in. Everybody does.

1.1 Show Me a Sign
1.2 Riverdown
1.3 Pass Me By
1.4 Wasn't Thinking
1.5 50 Head
1.6 Drive
1.7 Can't Take It with You
1.8 Leaving with a Friend
1.9 Daisy
1.10 Tired of Being Lonely
1.11 Hell to Toe
1.12 It's All You
1.13 Swinging in the Wind

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