Mark Radice: Mark Radice

Mark Radice: Mark Radice
Title: Mark Radice
Label: CD Baby

'Here come the 70s with Mark Radice' (Did he mean 2070 ?) Mark Radice LP - 1971 Donovan 'split a bottle of wine' with Mark Radice, then a 13 year old musical prodigy, making his first album. Somewhat inebriated, Donovan climbed a ladder and scrawled this statement on the ceiling in pencil. This sentence of endorsement was later reproduced on the back cover of Radice's eponymous debut LP, released on Paramount Records in America in 1972. Three years later, Radice backed Donovan on his 7-Tease album and U.S.A. tour promoting the same LP.' This is the first LP I ever released, re-released. Part of an on going Radice Re-lease project that me and my buddy MAX at Clear Cut Studios in Garfield New Jersey started once we found out we could BAKE old reel-to-reel tapes at 110 degrees for four hours and the SOUND COMES BACK. Not kidding. When my father passed away, I inherited his tapes from when he was a recording engineer in the 60's. We're baking away, but there are hundreds of them....he recorded records for Jimi Hendrix, The Lovin Spoonful, Spanky And Our Gang, Vanilla Fudge, The Cowsills, Mamas and Papas, Four Seasons (Frankie recorded a song of mine that I wrote when I was 8 called 'Natural Morning'), Janis Ian, The Tokens and Chain Reaction featuring Steven Tallarico, I'm tellin' ya it's wild. Anyway I was signed to RCA records at the age of 7. I met S Tyler when I was ten; he was hired to play drums on a single of mine called 'Ten Thousand Year Old Blues' He was then 20, and Steve Tallarico, and really excited to be on a RECORD. Boy does he wish he was me NOW, huh? WHEN I TURNED 20 I joined HIS band, which was doing decidedly better, Aero something, can't remember.....but I'm on their 'Live Bootleg' CD. We now have three more CD's worth of recorded material I did BEFORE this first LP. This was done when I was 14 in 1971. Luckily over the years I have been fortunate enough to have over 100 artists (I lost count and some I don't even know about) record something or other of mine, including 8 by Cheap Trick, one each by Barbara Streisand, Barry Manilow, Dave Edmunds, Eddie Money, Johnny Mathis, Michael Bolton, Jeff Beck, and over 150 songs with the Muppets and Sesame Street. This is the only LP that my Dad was the engineer on. He spent two years of his life mixing and remixing it and now 34 years later I have to say this puppy holds up. There will be more CD's as we bake them. The tentative title for the LARGE collection is 'Overlooked and Underheard Volumes 1 through 20' I'm thinking I should probably go find a farm with a herd of cows, lie under them, and pray they don't stomp on me while we take the 'cover' shot....under herd....these will come out one at a time, in chronological order possibly spelled right over the next couple of years. This record was made with a full orchestra and the top New York musicians of the day including Hugh McCraken (Paul McCartney's then guitarist), Alan Shwartzberg on drums, Ron Carter on bass, etc..... For more info about me cause I'm tired of talking about myself already just click the link where it says where my website is, or go to and type me in there for a list of other CD's and LP's you probably have that I'm on but you didn't know it. Have a listen and email me if you like it or hate it, just tell me why either way ok? Cool. And thanks for 40 years (Alright, I probably liked maybe two of the years....not all at once) Mark Radice All songs written by Mark Radice except, "Two-Way Scene" written by Mark Radice and Fred Pucci, All Songs published by Famous Music Corp. (ASCAP) A JERRY ROSS PRODUCTION Arranger: Ron Frangipane and Mark Radice A&R, Director, Mixing: Gene Radice Engineers: Gene Radice Tom Coleman Bill (Zap) Ratiewicz Mark Radice Jim Redmond PERSONNEL: BASS: Don Payne (Nos. 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,11,12) DRUMS: Alan Schwartzberg (Nos. 2,3,4,7,12) Richard Crooks (Nos. 5,6,8,10,11) ELECTRIC GUITAR: Hugh McCracken (Nos. 3*,4*,5,7) Charlie Brown (Nos. 6,8,10*,11*,12) RHYTHM GUITARS: Teddy Erwin (Nos. 2,3,4,5,7,8,12) Sal Di Troia (Nos. 3,4) Eric Weissberg (Nos. 6,8,10,11) Ken Kosac (Nos. 10,11) Tom Kantos (No. 6) PIANO: Mark Radice (Nos. 1 thru 13) ORGAN: Mark Radice (Nos. 7,12) ELECTRIC PIANO: Ted Wender (Nos. 6,8,10) PERCUSSION: George Devens (Nos. 2,3,4,5,6,12) Mike Mainieri (Nos. 10,11) *Solo Manufactured by Famous Music Corporation A Gulf+Western Company Printed in U.S.A IF IT'S SOLD OUT PLEASE PRE-ORDER WE'LL MAKE MORE. Thanks - Mark.

1.1 Please Don't Blow Up This Ship
1.2 New Day
1.3 Hey My Love
1.4 You Knew It Too
1.5 Your Yesterdays
1.6 Only the Dim
1.7 Glad You Made It
1.8 Look Out Road
1.9 Take Me to the Park
1.10 Your Love Is Like Fire
1.11 Sorry Now/Seein' Through My Pillow
1.12 Two Way Scene

Mark Radice: Mark Radice

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