Mark Shields: Lonely Room Tapes

Mark Shields: Lonely Room Tapes
Title: Lonely Room Tapes
Label: CD Baby

If you're a fan of rock n' roll that has some depth and a great groove, then this CD should be a part of your collection and a part of your musical experience. Every song on this album represents a celebration and triumph while the album as a whole represents a journey. It comes on like a whisper but like any good encounter, the more you lean into it, the more it opens up. The more you return, the more you discover. Mark Shields, Corey Culberhouse, and Theo Halpert step into the Lonely Room and take the listener for a ride. Recorded over three days and mostly live, these musicians created music that is greater than their parts while retaining their individuality and personal expression. Pre-production consisted of a song list. Post-production consisted of setting the levels. In the end, we have evidence of a moment that was lived as apposed to a trick juggled. You put the needle down and sit back into the music for a long view. You savor the space and take time to discover meaning while contemplating your own. When the wave's pound and you get back up, victory is yours and the doors open! Based on the idea that a soulful existence is neither perfect nor continuously comfortable, this album is all about soul. We might not get out of here alive but we're here now!

1.1 Tennessee
1.2 Edge
1.3 Belly
1.4 Roller Coast
1.5 Sulma
1.6 Nude
1.7 Once Again
1.8 Leash
1.9 Lonely Room'
1.10 Radio
1.11 Highway Song
1.12 Dime Groove
1.13 [Hidden Track]

Mark Shields: Lonely Room Tapes

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