Mark Stone

Mark Stone: Bodhran

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mark Stone

Title: Bodhran
Label: CD Baby

Mark Stone, one of Irish Music's most renowned players of the bodhran, has performed and taught with many of today's top Irish musicians across the United States and in Canada. Mark began his professional music career at the age of fifteen playing keyboards in local dance bands and doing studio work. He later focused his attention solely on Irish music playing ceili piano. His knowledge of chord movement and structure has been transferred to the bodhrán, resulting in a unique blend of rhythm and tones that has established Mark as a top player in this country. He has a reputation as an accompanist with a subtle touch that can bring about a sense of power when the tune warrants it. As a teacher, Mark has taught workshops and master classes across the continent. He has taught for many years at the Augusta Heritage Center's 'Irish Week' in Elkins, WV, The Swannanoa Gathering's 'Celtic Week' in Asheville, NC, and The Mississippi River Celtic Music Festival's 'Tionol' in St. Louis along with classes in Nova Scotia, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, and Dallas. Mark teaches both beginning and intermediate/advanced classes specializing in techniques involving the use of both hands to fully explore all of the intricacies of a tune with the ultimate goal of 'playing' the tune along with the lead instruments. Mark Stone got his start in Irish music with the All-Ireland winning band, St. James's Gate. He is best known for his work with the renowned Irish fiddler, James Kelly and guitarist Zan McLeod. Mark's recording credits include James Kelly's critically-acclaimed solo fiddle album for Capelhouse Records and with the group Ceoltiori on their award-winning Women of Ireland CD for Maggie's Music Records. When at home, Mark performs with the band Poor Man's Fortune from Austin ( Mark recently produced 'The Curlews' for Irish hammer dulcimer player Cliff Moses ( 'If you must play the bodhrán, play it this way!' -Billy McComiskey introducing Mark Stone in Los Angeles 'Players such as America's Mark Stone have added to the bodhrán's luster, owing to their sensitive and often unconventional approaches.' -Myron Bretholz for MusicHound Folk, The Essential Album Guide.

1.1 Reel (Cut Time)
1.2 Reel Variation (Cut Time)
1.3 I'm Here Because I'm Here (Song)
1.4 Jig (6/8 Time)
1.5 Jig Variation (6/8 Time)
1.6 Jig with Rimshot (6/8 Time)
1.7 Harry-O (Skip Parente's Jig) Featuring James Kelly
1.8 Slip Jig (Abbreviated Pattern, 9/8 Time)
1.9 Slip Jig (Full Pattern, 9/8 Time)
1.10 Hornpipe (4/4 Time)
1.11 Slide (12/8 Time)
1.12 Church Street Polkas (Featuring Paul McGratten)
1.13 Polka (2/4 Time)
1.14 Tone Exercise (Cut Time)
1.15 Triplet Exercise (Cut Time)
1.16 Madam I'm a Darlin' (Song)

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