Mark Vellucci

Mark Vellucci: At Home

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mark Vellucci

Title: At Home
Label: CD Baby

This is a collection of songs I wrote with the purpose of expressing an artistic vision, not for the purpose of necessarily selling music. I love many forms of music, and was looking for a way to combine them that would be fresh and original. I am pleased with the result, and sincerely hope you will be too. I have a Master's degree in Psychology and am also a published author, both in print and electronic forms. I especially enjoy music that challenges me in some way. Lately, I am very much into bands like Dream Theater, King's X, Porcupine Tree, and Spock's Beard. I also love the music of Steve Hackett, Allan Holdsworth, and Frank Zappa. When I'm not working, I really enjoy offbeat films and usually gravitate toward foreign and independent stuff. Thanks for taking the time to explore my world and my music. I appreciate the interest. Hope you decide to take a chance on my CD. I feel confident you won't regret it. *************** REVIEWS OF @ HOME 'Unless you're grappling with some bona fide tragedy, it's virtually impossible to hear this disc without feeling a sense of renewal... These all instrumental tracks were conceived as visions of home... I found this album a delightful soundtrack for both entertaining and trudging my way through mundane domestic chores.' - John Collinge, Editor and Publisher of Progression Magazine and Spirt of Change. 'At Home by Mark Vellucci is a comfortable collection of soothing melodies, fresh and clean like a breeze after spring rain... perfect for unwinding anytime, anyplace.' - Sharon Warner, New Editions International ' Romantic Island Fantasy, from Mark Vellucci's At Home, is dead center in our format... Guaranteed to generate calls. GREAT MUSIC!A must-have for any new age play list.' - Dale Smith, KCWC Radio, Riverton, WY '... versatile and professional, adding a touch of Polish to any production.' - Ken Altman, Limelight Video Productions, Portland, OR ********RADIO PLAY******** The following radio stations either have at one time or are currently playing tunes from @HOME: *KBOO- Portland,OR *WOTB- Newport,RI *KASF- Tempe,AZ *KCWC- Riverton,WY *WMUW- Columbus,OH *NW Public Radio-Pullman,WA and surrounding region.

1.1 Main Street
1.2 Backyard Picnic
1.3 Odyssey (By the Fire)
1.4 Romantic Island Fantasy
1.5 Shade Tree
1.6 Pickin' Up
1.7 A Romp in the Hay
1.8 Nightscape (Watching the Stars)
1.9 Thinking of You
1.10 Crosstown Commute
1.11 Dinner Music
1.12 7:30
1.13 Lullaby
1.14 ... Perchance, to Dream

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