Mark Weigle: Truth Is

Mark Weigle: Truth Is
Title: Truth Is
Label: CD Baby

To get a note when Mark perfroms near you, send your Name, City, ZIP CODE and preferred e-address to: ------- Mark Weigle\'s debut recording, \'The Truth Is\' seems destined to be an out gay classic. Though it was released in May of 1998, the CD was voted\'s top album of 1999, and made the #4 spot on the year 2000 chart. Along the way it has garnered more votes and spent more weeks at #1 than any other CD in Outvoice history. Weigle was nominated for 2 GLAMAs in 1998, for Out Song of the Year, (\'If It Wasn\'t Love\') and Debut Artist. \'The Truth Is\' made This Way Out\'s \'Audiofile\' Best of 1999, and the song \'Oz\' was a GAYBC Top 10 of the Year. \'The Truth Is\' fuses country and folk arrangements with passionate out gay lryics. Songs like \'The Two Cowboy Waltz\', \'Struggle of Love\' and \'No More Nights Alone\', (a duet with gay folk legend Blackberri) have become staples of LGBT radio playlists. Reviews and Quotes: Performing Songwriter Magazine, Top 12 Indie Releases, Neil Fagen. \'Weigle\'s songs carry with them a sense of decency, compassion, love and trust that transcends politics and gender. If that\'s an agenda, we should all sign up.\' Billboard, Larry Flick. Widely accessible...Weigle deftly crafts songs that honor gay experience without shutting anyone else out. His words are vivid and evocotive without overstatement.\' Sing Out Magazine, Angela Page. \'Weigle is really good at placing bridges between the struggles of gays and straights. Beautifully moving lyrics flow with clarity and passion. He often visits the theme of the freedom to be and show who you are. Weigle is an excellent writer with an emotoinel delivery. ...his music is a way for us to place all love and loss in focus.\' Gay Chicago Magazine, Mark Christopher. \'Weigle\'s strength is the combination of the simplest of lyrics with emotion-husky vocals that make one wonder: \'Geez, how the hell does he do it?\' as the seemingly plain becomes the profound.\' To get onto my e-mail list, send your Name, City, State, ZIP CODE and preferred e-address to: I\'ll let you know when I play near you, and send occasional news updates. Thanks!

1.1 If You Grew Up There
1.2 Oz
1.3 Take Your Shoulder from the Wheel
1.4 If It Wasn't Love
1.5 From Your Kid
1.6 The Two Cowboy Waltz
1.7 One Less Dancer
1.8 Struggle of Love
1.9 I Confess
1.10 Do You Go
1.11 When I See You Say
1.12 No More Nights Alone
1.13 Battle Mountain, Nevada

Mark Weigle: Truth Is

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