Marklyn: Beach Days

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Marklyn

Title: Beach Days
Label: CD Baby

Start the day with the dawn patrol, slide a few with friends, take a break after surfing and warm up by the fire. Break out the guitars before the next session to play some music, relax and enjoy. Sun, sand, surf and smiles. Surfing into the sunset as the evening glass-off comes around, then back to the campfire as the stars glitter. Ready for more tomorrow. Beach Days. 'Coolgroove', the first song on 'Beach Days', was featured the surf film 'On Safari Again' featuring Wingnut, Joel Tudor, CJ Nelson and many other surfers. Steve Cleveland, the film's producer said 'Thanks Marklyn. Your music made my movie better.' The great response to this song encouraged Marklyn to record an album's worth of surf inspired acoustic music. 14 tracks and several months later 'Beach Days' was finshed. The concept behind the album is a day at the beach surfing and playing music with friends. The songs range from solo acoustic guitar to several guitar parts and even ukulele. Most of the songs were written specifically for the album, while a few (Happily Surfing for example) are arrangements of Marklyn's vocal music in an all instrumental setting. Groove and melody are important to Marklyn in the songwriting process and Marklyn's history as a surfer and guitarist in surf music bands added important stylistic influence.

1.1 Coolgroove
1.2 Happily Surfing
1.3 B in Subtle
1.4 Outside!
1.5 Morning Glass
1.6 Coconut
1.7 Ascending
1.8 Dancing in the Surf
1.9 Zoom
1.10 Shufflestep
1.11 Culture
1.12 Ritmo Del Mar
1.13 Thirteen
1.14 Squid Roe

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