Marlango: Technicolor

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Marlango

Artist: Marlango
Title: Technicolor

It seems like yesterday but it's been four years since the release of 'El Porvenir', the album that commemorated the band's ten-year professional career. Many things have happened, many concerts, a lot of work and effort and now Marlango has a new album, 'Technicolor' that opens up a new path. An album full of stones, precious stones, full of courage and bravery. Without regrets or forgiveness but full of generosity. Produced by Vicent Huma and with the collaboration of Mexican singer David Aguilar and the great Coque Malla that accompanies Leonor in a new version of the single 'Poco a Poco'. Watling and Pelayo deliver a wonderful collection of songs in which they have invested their hearts.

1.1 El Beso Robado
1.2 Un Momento Perfecto
1.3 Gracias Porvenir
1.4 Poco a Poco (La Pena Se Va)
1.5 Los Desertores
1.6 El Veneno
1.7 Lo Que No Te Digo
1.8 Baila
1.9 Alza El Vuelo
1.10 Dime Que Llegaremos Lejos

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