Marlowes: Glue, Glitter and Shine

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Marlowes

Artist: Marlowes
Title: Glue, Glitter and Shine

The Marlowes, 5-piece rock & roll/power pop band from Providence return to the world of hi-fi recording with their latest full-length CD entitled Glue, Glitter and Shine.. The new opus contains 13-tracks of the band' signature power pop roots rock'n'roll. Shiny Fly Records.2005.

1.1 Alicia Futurama
1.2 I Liked You Better When You Were Someone Else
1.3 Sad Motel
1.4 Lower 48
1.5 The Next Last Waltz
1.6 A Tuesday Night Habit
1.7 This Time Around
1.8 Grace Note
1.9 Understood
1.10 Mannequin with the See-Thru Skin
1.11 Just a Minuet
1.12 I Think I'll Sit This Life Out
1.13 Weeds and Wallflowers

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