Mars Lasar

Mars Lasar: Nocturnal Diaries

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mars Lasar

Artist: Mars Lasar
Title: Nocturnal Diaries

Nocturnal Diaries is a collection of music that depicts a world of harmonic magic and mystery. Soaring melodies and eclectic transitions traverse you deep into the late night mood where Mars creates such unusual music. Mars releases another epic nature piece, if you like Olympic National Park or Karma you'll be intrigued by this collection. A NOTE FROM MARS: I've wanted to release this collection for some time, and have some very fond moments in my composing career while writing and recording these songs. In doing the extended nature symphonies such as Crystal Meadows, I was able to practice my skills as a music arranger/programmer and producer, I knew what the music sounded like in my head, the challenge was bringing it into reality. In most cases with these songs I worked many hours late at night fine tuning and exploring, much like searching for treasure, hence the title Nocturnal Diaries.

1.1 Moonlight Canyon
1.2 Deep Blue
1.3 Pioneers Revisited
1.4 Ancestors
1.5 Mammoth Peak
1.6 Secret Lagoon
1.7 Charlotte's Web
1.8 Crystal Meadows
1.9 Ceremony
1.10 Land of the Giants
1.11 Enchanted Wilderness

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