Marshall Daniels

Marshall Daniels: Delight Yourself in the Lord

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Product Type: CD

Title: Delight Yourself in the Lord
Label: CD Baby

Ten years ago, a brave woman heard the voice of God and told me that she saw me playing music before the Lord and leading worship. I had never touched an instrument, and couldn't remember the last time I'd sung a single note. Years passed, and four different people at different times told me the same thing. I ran from it with all my heart while my Father chased after me with all of His. He caught me. My greatest passion is playing music for my king, and this project is my first attempt at expressing my delight in Him.

1.1 Born to Ride
1.2 No Boundaries
1.3 Forest Eyes
1.4 Keeper
1.5 Delight Yourself in the Lord
1.6 The Watchman
1.7 Be Loved
1.8 V.L.T
1.9 Wide Eyes
1.10 Rise Like the Morning

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