Martha Reed

Martha Reed: Forever Thin (Self Hypnosis Permanent Weight Loss)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Martha Reed

Title: Forever Thin (Self Hypnosis Permanent Weight Loss)
Label: CD Baby

Forever Thin is considered the missing link in traditional weight loss programs and can be used alone or to enhance a current weight loss program. Most weight loss programs focus on the physical aspect of the body. While this is important it only addresses 33% of the whole picture. Forever Thin is a guided imagery audio with powerful hypnotic suggestions designed to focus on the mind and emotion portion, creating permanent life changes. Audio may also be used as support for continuous weight management or for overall healthy eating habits. FOREVER THIN SUGGESTIONS HELPS WITH: - Portion Control - Making Healthy Choices - Implementing Exercise - Positive Self Image Self-hypnosis can be a powerful tool in personal development. Achieve your desired outcome quickly by listening to this audio every day (1 to 2 times) or as often as needed for support and can be used for as long as it benefits you. This CD will relax you deeply, so it is important that you do not use while driving a motor vehicle. Best when used with headphones in a quiet undisturbed environment. Approximately 27 minutes in length, just perfect for daily meditation and relaxation or upon waking and/or drifting off to sleep each night. TESTIMONIALS: Great helpful tool for a permanent change! By Falyn I use this CD as one tool in my goal to achieve a healthy weight and life style. I listen to it right before bed or in the morning. I have heard it all they way through; No unexpected conversation is on my CD. Back to me, so far I have lost over 80lbs. I notice a change in my eating habits - I eat a lot more nutritiously and I somehow am much more aware of when to 'stop' eating. Great tool, highly recommend you add it to your effort to be healthy too. Forever Thin: Hypnosis For Permanent Weight Management! By Katherine Garrett I bought this CD to help me with my weight management and it is working great. It relaxes me enough to keep me working at it. So far, so good! By Sharon Dias I have listened to this at bedtime every night since receiving it (3 now) and I have to say, it is helping. I find myself shunning the sugary goodies I used to crave and able to focus more on the other stuff in life as opposed to food. Not that I never have anything with sugar, but I am not sitting down to eat a bag of m&m's at night while watching tv any more. I wake up with more energy, too. Not sure about how much I've lost yet, it's early days and I am trying not to go by the scale but rather how I feel. And so far, feeling pretty good! It works! By N Roughton I listen to this CD every night before bed and this works! I have lost 30 pounds of the weight that has plagued me for 10 years. Five Stars! By Alan R. Carter This is an awesome CD. It just plain works. GREAT! By Dan and Eileen This is a great self help tool. I have been using it for a few weeks at bedtime and I am so much more relaxed and my eating is back to healthy! I think everyone should get this CD. It is beneficial for everyone! Simply amazing! By Chloe Merjil I have been struggling with my weight for several years now and started listening to this hypnosis C.D. in May. I find it to be a great tool in my weightloss journey and have lost over 50lbs. With this combined with better eating habits and exercise I feel unstoppable. I highly recommend this hypnosis C.D. for your path to getting healthy.

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