Martha Reich: Evidence of Life

Martha Reich: Evidence of Life
Title: Evidence of Life
Label: CD Baby

Time has given Martha's voice a maturity, while retaining it's honest and heartfelt quality. Life experience has transformed her lyrics into poetry. With her unique melodies and guitar execution, she possesses the ability to touch you in a deep and soulful way, while taking you on a hypnotic and soothing journey. "Singing and Playing the guitar is really just therapy for me, and what I consider to be a healthy addiction. It's been the chance for me to discover what my heart feels, and to express those feelings. I find the more honest and open I can be, the more I connect to others. After all we humans really are similar in so many ways. Performing gives me and the audience that confirmation, that we are really not so alone in our hardships as well as in our joy, and all those other complex emotions we experience" Martha Reich's musical roots began with "Air Guitar" at the kitchen table, a year of Classical Guitar lessons at the age of twelve, and self taught there after. She grew up singing made up songs on drives in back of her parents Volkswagen Bug. Her first appreciation for music was while listening to her fathers albums of Frank Sinatra, Billy Holiday, and Peter Gun. Later on, Elton John, Jim Croce, Cats Stevens and The Beatles became her heroes. Today her guitar playing possesses complex rhythms, interesting chord progressions, and open tunings, intertwined by an angelic voice. Her first performance was in the summer of '94 at 'The Rockport Acoustic Festival," Rockport, MA., accompanied by Rod Oliver, who later went on to produced her first CD "The Color of Blue," on the Okay Music Label. It is comprised of 10 songs that are windows into life experiences. She does so with a voice and feeling that is often compared to Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez. While living in New England, she performed at various Coffee Houses in the Boston area, to include "Club Passim". Since Martha has been calling Santa Fe, N.M. her home, she has performed at some of the most respected venues in New Mexico, and also tours through out the country, solo and with Cellist Michael Kott. She was chosen to play at the "Outpost Performance Space" for "All Star Open Mic Night", in 2000, and was selected as a finalist at the 2006 New Mexico State Fair Talent Showcase. Her most recent CD 'Evidence of Life', was nominated for best Album by The New Mexico Music Awards. Also from that CD, 'Peter Pan Says', was nominated for Best song in the Americana category. Martha was also chosen to perform at the 'The Sedona Jam for Emerging Artists Festival', in 2007, and has opened for Kate Macleod in New Mexico. 'Evidence of Life' has the added benefit of Josh Martin on Bass and Mandolin, Michael Kott on Cello, Alicia Ultan on Viola, and Grammy Award winner, Larry Mitchell on additional guitar. It has been said "she has the voice of an angel", ... David Byrnes, owner of the CD Cafe, Santa Fe, N.M. Her writing is poignant and heartfelt. "She had everyone mesmerized", says David Lescht, Director of "Outside In". 'Your performance is 'polished' however, the 'rawness of life' still lingers behind your words and string adaptations ... cool'. Painter...Te'Zins.

1.1 Flesh and Blood
1.2 Stained Glass
1.3 I Know a Place
1.4 Magic Hands
1.5 God's Eye
1.6 Bruce
1.7 Never Wrong
1.8 Peter Pan
1.9 Lucky Stars
1.10 Song for Tessa
1.11 Nemo
1.12 Always
1.13 Peter Pan Says

Martha Reich: Evidence of Life

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