Martha Reich

Martha Reich: Peace Harvest

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Artist: Martha Reich

Artist: Martha Reich
Title: Peace Harvest

PEACE HARVEST was created and released in response to the conflict experienced in the world today. This 2 song EP is much like the old '45s'. The first track, 'GOD'S EYES' is haunting and beautiful, featuring Gregg Braden on Wooden Flute. Reich's insightful lyrics and soulful vocals sing of history repeating itself. She asks ' where do we find the strength to love instead of fear? ', and speaks of where our prayers go to when we send them out to loved ones and beings of the universe. The second track, 'I'D RATHER BE SURPRISED' is the 2014 NEW MEXICO MUSIC AWARDS WINNER for BEST FOLK SONG. In her debut song written on Ukelele, Reich reveals her desire to live with in the magic of the moment, amongst all of life's experiences. A portion of the proceeds from this EP will be donated to CREATIVITY FOR PEACE, to train young Palestinian and Israeli women to be leaders and peacemakers. When purchasing 'PEACE HARVEST' through CDBABY, you will receive a special surprise gift along with the music. May these songs inspire peace, love and the magic of the moment.

1.1 God's Eyes - Martha Reich
1.2 I'd Rather Be Surprised - Martha Reich

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