Martin Hackleman, Horn: Solitary Hotel

Martin Hackleman, Horn: Solitary Hotel
Title: Solitary Hotel
Label: CD Baby

Méditation from 'Thaïs' Jules Massenet (1842-1912) trans. Tony Rickard Jules Massenet is noted for his extraordinary craft of melody. He wrote more than 25 operas, several oratorios and cantatas, and over 250 songs. Méditation, originally for violin and orchestra, is extracted from his most famous opera, Thaïs. His expressive lyricism translates easily from his celebrated vocal style to violin, and here, to the romantic depths of the horn. Sonata for Horn and Piano Josef Rheinberger (1839-1901) While Lichtenstein native Josef Rheinberger is most associated with his contribution to the organ literature, he was a prolific composer of many other genres, including choral music, operas, symphonies and chamber works, among which resides the Sonata for Horn and Piano. This sonata was written when Rheinberger was 55 years old, and embodies a warm Romantic style that is rich without being over-sentimental. A keyboard prodigy himself, Rheinberger demands Chopinesque virtuosity from the pianist, yet his writing for the horn equally demonstrates a clear understanding of the dramatic impact of which the instrument is capable. Sonata for Horn and Piano Emil Hlobil (1901-1987) One month before the death of Josef Rheinberger, Czech composer Emil Hlobil entered the world. Though his life spanned the larger part of the 20th century, he did not venture into the dissonance that many of his colleagues pursued. His style remains a blend of the Romantic and modern, with a quirky juxtaposition of dissimilar phrases not unlike the music of Leoš Janácek, and the bi tonality of Maurice Ravel, but with his own stamp. The sonata is a welcome addition to the horn repertoire, with it's jaunty melodies in the first and last movements and his heart warming, yet daring, treatment in the slow movement. Seven Songs Samuel Barber (1910-1981) trans. Hackleman In the spring of 2001, Kelly came home from work with new accompaniments to learn, one of which was the song, The Crucifixion, by Sam Barber. Marty came into the room and asked, 'What is that?' Given Marty's draw to the song repertoire, exploring more songs by this extraordinary American composer was inevitable. The bought the volume of the complete songs of Samuel Barber, and read through every one. They narrowed it down to seven of what they felt were the most compelling. In developing their interpretation, they took close to heart the lyrics of each song in order to express the composer's intentions as fully as possible. Barber's astonishing ease at sculpting striking harmonies and sprawling melodies into unique pockets of space and time makes these songs just as powerfully moving on the horn as for voice. Suite for Horn and Piano Alec Wilder (1907 - 1980) Alec Wilder never earned a degree in music and yet he virtually rewrote much of how American music has progressed. Alec was a songwriter. Melody was his Siren, but unique turn of harmony and a great jazz feel of rhythm was his signature. He wrote songs for Tony Bennett, Peggy Lee, and Frank Sinatra. Alec's interests and friends knew no bounds. He wrote many pieces for the famous tubist, Harvey Philips, as well as horn virtuoso, Joh Barrows. Marty had the privilege of working with Alex and premiering his brass quintets 4-9. He also wrote the Twelve Duos for Horn and Tuba for Marty and Gary Maske. Marty has always loved his music and in particular, this Suite.

1.1 Méditation from "Thais"
1.2 Sonata for Horn and Piano in E-Flat Major, Op. 178: I. Con Moto
1.3 Sonata for Horn and Piano in E-Flat Major, Op. 178: II. Quasi Adagio
1.4 Sonata for Horn and Piano in E-Flat Major, Op. 178: III. Con Fuoco
1.5 Sonata for Horn and Piano in E-Flat Major, Op. 21: I. Animato
1.6 Sonata for Horn and Piano in E-Flat Major, Op. 21: II. Lento
1.7 Sonata for Horn and Piano in E-Flat Major, Op. 21: III. Vivace
1.8 Seven Songs: 1. St. Ita's Vision
1.9 Seven Songs: 2. the Crucifixion
1.10 Seven Songs: 3. Solitary Hotel
1.11 Seven Songs: 4. Rain Has Fallen
1.12 Seven Songs: 5. the Desire for Hermitage
1.13 Seven Songs: 6. Un Cygne
1.14 Seven Songs: 7. Sure on This Shining Night
1.15 Suite for Horn and Piano: I. Dans Quixotic
1.16 Suite for Horn and Piano: II. Slow and Sweet
1.17 Suite for Horn and Piano: III. Song
1.18 Suite for Horn and Piano: IV. Epilogue
1.19 Suite for Horn and Piano: V. Suitable for Dancing

Martin Hackleman, Horn: Solitary Hotel

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