Martin Herzberg

Martin Herzberg: Silent Mirror Inside

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Artist: Martin Herzberg

Artist: Martin Herzberg
Title: Silent Mirror Inside

In 1999, Martin Herzberg started to work on his first LP "Silent Mirror Inside". In the beginning, he didn't expect the project to take him four years to finish it, but it did. In the Quest for the most homogeneous compilation of tracks, countless changes were made during the process of song-selection. But at last, 14 songs were chosen to create an album which is powerful, deep and melancholic at the same time. Chill-Out meets New Age, Trip-Hop touches Filmmusic. Now, he is often asked what term describes his music the best and the answer is: Chill-Score. Grown up in a musical surrounding of the new age-solo pianists George Winston and Ludovico Einaudi, Martin was also influenced by Chill-Out musicians like Moby or Air. Simultaneously, the work of Composers for Filmmusic, such as Thomas Newman or Hans Zimmer became a crucial part of his passion for music. As follows, it became obvious that his own work would try to combine at least two genres in the most perceptive way. The result was "Silent Mirror Inside". An album which includes the most personal and emotional songs Martin has written till that day. Luckily, the album became an independent-music success in his hometown Berlin and a few hundred copies were sold without the help of expensive advertisement. Now the first voices from overseas are rising and the reviews are very positive. "There's a lot to discover!"...that's why the album is now available at CD continue it's way across the Atlantic. Info: This is a professional fabricated CD with a 16-page booklet. Info: Martin Herzberg is also known as "Cloudbreak". Example-Reviews: The celestial, piano-laden instrumentals of Martin Herzberg are skillfully textured surrealistic soundscapes-environmental drones that just might to put you in a suspended, dreamlike state. Coloring his melancholic harmonies with hints of trip hop, Martin's music engages, enthralls, and enlightens the day. '', 23.3.2004 Aesthetically pleasing! Soft, gentle tones sooth frayed nerves, calms the soul, very relaxing; good 'time for you' music. I hope this artist continues on his musical journey while discovering himself. I'd like to hear the outcome. '', 16.4.2005.

1.1 Ocean Is Near
1.2 Circular Season
1.3 Hand Is Turning
1.4 Stranded
1.5 Walk for Change
1.6 It's Worth Waiting
1.7 Ground Swell
1.8 Summers Arrival
1.9 Late Shift
1.10 Fade of Lost Souls Light
1.11 Ten Seconds
1.12 Greetings to the Genius World
1.13 Tuesdays End
1.14 From Soon Till Now

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