Martin & Scott: Blue Suede Boogie

Martin & Scott: Blue Suede Boogie
Title: Blue Suede Boogie
Label: CD Baby

Martin & Scott own and operate Gnarled Tree Didjeridoos and Music. Together they compose, produce and record original music and handcraft traditional musical instruments. At the age of six, Deborah Martin began singing for the church congregations in the small mid-western town where she was raised. Professionally, she started her long and adventurous career as a singer/songwriter in the folk clubs of the seventies. The author of over 300 original songs, Deborah plays guitar, autoharp, dulcimer and flute and frequently performs with her husband and music partner Preston Scott. In 1997 she published her first book of original poetry entitled 'The Little Gnarled Tree'. Preston Scott was born and raised in San Diego. At the age of twelve he began playing drums in rock and roll bands throughout southern California. His desire to be in the forefront of music and technology later led him to the University of California, Davis where he gained a passion for electronic keyboards and a special love for the piano. He graduated with a masters degree in Electronic Music Composition and immediately began teaching at the University in Sacramento. Professionally, he built his own recording studio and continued to compose, perform and conduct. In 1988 he met Deborah Martin and joined with her to become the duo Martin & Scott. In early 1996 while performing in Tucson, Arizona, Martin & Scott met Allan Shockley, an experienced didjeridoo player and maker. The moment the resonating sounds of his didjeridoo blended with the sweet emotional tone's of Deborah's silver flute, magical music emerged. Martin & Scott embraced this as a new direction for their own musical expressions. Preston took to didjeridoo playing quire naturally, soon mastering even the difficult breathing techniques. Woodworking is another shared passion of Martin & Scott. Some of the instruments used on their recordings were handcrafted by them personally using traditional methods. Working with Agave flower stems and bamboo they fashion unique, one-of-a-kind didjeridoos. Each one is painted or burnished with a unique pattern. These award winning instruments are annually featured at fine art shows across the country. Martin and Scott have composed and released numerous recordings together. Their unique musical style being performed on their own handcrafted instruments creates a rich sound full of emotion and expression. Truly the music of Martin & Scott touches the inner heart of their listeners.

1.1 Just Like That
1.2 Somewhere in Your Heart
1.3 Crazy Days
1.4 Blue Sunday
1.5 New Day Rising
1.6 What We Choose
1.7 Playing Your Game
1.8 Life Is Just a Song
1.9 Got to Get Away
1.10 My Love Is Real
1.11 The Plan
1.12 Blue Suede Boogie
1.13 Generations

Martin & Scott: Blue Suede Boogie

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