Martingale: Martingale

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Artist: Martingale

Artist: Martingale
Title: Martingale

Crafted over the bulk of 2009, 2010 brings the self-titled debut release for Martingale, a Seattle-based quartet known for weaving prog-inspired instrumentals into what can only be described as Progressive Folk Rock. Starring Andy Gaines (heading up vocals, rhythm guitar, and songwriting), Nick Iverson spinning lead guitar (with juicy solos!), Ryan Shaw dancing along his bass fretboard, and Mitch Haldeman bringing his own funky beats. Includes crowd favorites 'Oxidation' and 'Violence in Reunion' Martingale aims to re-invent and re-imagine everything you've ever heard. They're building up momentum. And inertia is a most powerful force.

1.1 Genevieve
1.2 No Company
1.3 Oxidation
1.4 Chasin' You
1.5 Violence in Reunion
1.6 Epilogue

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