Martini Red: We Three

Martini Red: We Three
Title: We Three
Label: CD Baby

Martini Red specializes in unexpected contradictions. These are modern lads, but they play music that their grandparents danced to. And they play it as if they had lived it. One minute they're riding herd on a bit of Bob Wills western swing, the next deftly surveying Cole Porter's art deco sophistication. But the common thread that Martini Red explores and exploits is the basic joy of acoustic music; that pure sound coaxed from string and wood which reaches deeper than any wall of synthesizers. Most of all, a Martini Red performance is an exercise in infectious fun. Just three guys filling a stage with acres of happy sound using mandolin, upright bass, snare drum, and vocals. Martini Red is brave enough to follow very old musical paths, roads all but invisible in the Info Highway landscape. Put on your dancin' shoes and join them...

1.1 Who Walked in When I Walked Out
1.2 Once I Was a Cowboy
1.3 We Three
1.4 Fiddlin Joe/Draggin the Bow
1.5 Miss Otis Regrets
1.6 Angel of Christmas Sorrow
1.7 Shoes Blues
1.8 Russian Lullaby
1.9 Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans

Martini Red: We Three

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