Marty McKay

Marty McKay: McKay, Marty : Sins Disciple

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Artist: Marty McKay

Artist: Marty McKay
Title: McKay, Marty : Sins Disciple

Sin's Disciple is a combination of drum-driven beats carrying elements of hip-hop together with orchestral strings, emotion-inducing melodies, heavy guitars and wide-ranged vocals. This mind-blowing crossover concept album is a unique fusion of musical genres that will whisk you away to another world. With a unique, custom-made sound, this album is a journey that begins with track 1 and ends in the deepest contemplation. Strap yourself in for the emotional roller coaster ride on Marty McKay's dynamic soundtrack, Sin's Disciple.

1.1 Darkness Surrounds You
1.2 Untouchable (Pride)
1.3 Can't Get Enough (Gluttony)
1.4 I Want Your Life (Envy)
1.5 Turn Up My Sex (Lust)
1.6 Emptiness Returns
1.7 Sin
1.8 Illusion of Power (Greed)
1.9 Who Can You Trust?
1.10 Unleashed Rage (Wrath)
1.11 Agony Will Do
1.12 Givin' Up (Sloth)
1.13 Aftermath

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