Martyrs of Sound

Martyrs of Sound: Mantra Chill

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Title: Mantra Chill
Label: CD Baby

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. And enter the lush dream-state of Mantra Chill, a collection of ancient East Indian mantras exquisitely layered with organic instrumentation and luminous vocals that induce the serene state experienced in deep meditation or prayer; where rejuvenation, transformation and self-healing are possible. Martyrs Of Sound are Steve Koc & Sara Wiseman Dr. Steve Koc is a healer and musician who spent years working with entertainers in Beverly Hills, touring extensively with Michael Jackson, The Grateful Dead, and other internationally recognized celebrities. At 16, his spiritual path led him to the Sikhs, where he was captivated by the power of mantra and for 15 years entered a life of meditation and yoga. Sara Wiseman is a vocalist and professional writer. She is a frequent contributor to national publications in the genre of spirituality and healing. As a child she lived in Switzerland, Norway and Seattle, spending most afternoons in the basement by herself, dancing and singing to her grandfather's jazz records.

1.1 Ong Namo
1.2 Ocean
1.3 Mool Mantra
1.4 Within You Without You - Martyrs of Sound, Harrison, George

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