Martyrs of Sound: Uncoiled

Martyrs of Sound: Uncoiled
Title: Uncoiled
Label: CD Baby

Martyrs Of Sound 'ANANDA' from the album 'UNCOILED' IS NAMED WINNER OF THE 8TH ANNUAL INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS vox populi/people's choice award for best new age song!!! Steve and Sara are in the studio now working on their upcoming album 'SONGS for LOVING and DYING' Steve Koc is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, chiropractor and healer. Uncoiled is layered with his dynamic hand drumming and rhythmic guitar. He is a life-long practitioner of Kundalini yoga and energy healing. Sara Wiseman is a singer, songwriter, intuitive and author whose luminous voice whispers, chants, cries out and evokes the aching beauty of longing and surrender, from tantric rock to serene chant. As Martyrs Of Sound, Koc/Wiseman have also released Mantra Chill, a healing album that layers luminous, ethereal mantra and organic instrumentation.

1.1 Ananda - Martyrs of Sound, Das, Guru Amar
1.2 Govinda
1.3 Now 2 the Now
1.4 Uncoiled
1.5 Amelia, Pt. 1
1.6 Amelia, Pt. 2
1.7 Being
1.8 Tantra
1.9 One

Martyrs of Sound: Uncoiled

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