Marv Ellis

Marv Ellis: Underwater Not Underground

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Marv Ellis

Artist: Marv Ellis
Title: Underwater Not Underground

A new Genre of Hip Hop spawned in the Great North West. Smooth lyrical flows over next-level organic banging beats. A must have album from one of the premire concious hip hop artists out today. Marv Ellis has proven that Hip Hop is not dead.

1.1 Water Torture
1.2 Rage
1.3 Blunt Wrap
1.4 Till We Get There
1.5 I Lost It
1.6 Oye Senorita
1.7 My Pen
1.8 15 Franks
1.9 H. Op O. N M. y B. Ack
1.10 Lo Siento
1.11 Betterway
1.12 Illuman
1.13 ... a N.W. Sanjuan
1.14 Rain

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