Ross, Marv & Rindy: Ghosts of Celilo

Marv Ross & Rindy: Ghosts of Celilo
Title: Ghosts of Celilo
Artist: Ross, Marv & Rindy
Label: CD Baby
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Genre: Children's

World Premiere September 28 - October 14, 2007 Portland, Oregon Quarterflash songwriter and guitarist, Marv Ross, in partnership with Artists Repertory Theatre and Youth Resources, Inc., presents the world premiere of an original new musical, The Ghosts of Celilo (suh-LIE-low). This ground-breaking production weaves a bittersweet love story within a mystery and features a haunting score of Native American music and traditional musical theatre songs. The Ghosts of Celilo is a musical play based on true events that happened near Celilo Falls in the 1950s. Celilo was one of the world's premiere fisheries and a cultural and spiritual center for native people before it was inundated by the Dalles Dam in 1957. Ghosts features Native American music and traditional musical theatre genres telling the story of two Indian boys kidnapped and taken to a government boarding school. There, they are befriended by the white daughter of the school's administrator. The three make a daring escape to catch their ceremonial first salmon before Celilo Falls is buried by the closing of the dam gates. This story is 'remembered' by four colorful ghosts who have been stuck at the bottom of the Columbia River for fifty years on the last remnants of fishing platforms that have been buried underwater where Celilo Falls once roared. This dramatic musical is acted and sung by Native American and non-Native actors. The score is a powerful combination of music that combines Native American song and scoring with music more familiar to musical theatre. This soundtrack CD was recorded at Cal Scott Music, by Cal Scott. Arrangements by Mel Kubik, Marv Ross, Cal Scott, and Phil Neuman. Character- Actor/singer Chokey Jim - Noah Hunt Mary- Chenoa Egawa Inky - Kevin Michael Moore Colonel - Corey Brunish Mrs. Lyle- Amy Jo Arrington Train - Colton Lasater Irene Lyle - Marissa Ryder Big Eddie - Thomas Morning Owl Chokey's father - Fred Hill Students- Albert Worthington,Tila Salas, Athon George, Ariella (Ella) Rodriguez Band Melanie Kubik-Music Director/piano Rindy Ross-Singer,saxophone, recorder, flute Karen Kitchen-Singer, percussion Cal Scott-Keyboards, coronet Gayle & Phil Neuman -Brass, strings, pennywhistle, recorder Dan Stueber- Percussion The Creative Team The Ghosts of Celilo is a collaborative dramatic production developed, written, and composed during the last 10 years by Marv Ross, Thomas Morning Owl (Umatilla), Chenoa Egawa (Lummi), Arlie Neshakhi (Navajo), and Tom Hampson. Greg Tamblyn joined this group several years ago as the director of The Ghosts of Celilo. Marv Ross & Rindy Ross (Ross Productions) are musicians, songwriters, producers, and former teachers. Marv is also a playwright. In 1981, with his wife Rindy, he formed Quarterflash, a band signed to Geffen Records that produced four albums resulting in more than 2 million records sold. Their writing and production with Quarterflash garnered several awards including, 'Best Debut Artist 1982' - North American Radio Rock Awards, the Recording Industry Association of America's Gold and Platinum Album Awards, and the Canadian Recording Industry's Platinum Album Award. In 1993, Marv was commissioned by the state of Oregon to write and produce Voices From The Oregon Trail, a play with music that toured for three years and was awarded The American Society of Composers, Artists, and Producers Special Award. From Voices, Marv formed The Trail Band which has recorded 9 albums, and presented the Meritorious Award from the Oregon-California Trails Association. In 2000, Marv and Rindy received the 'Alumni Award of Excellence' from Western Oregon University for their contributions to Northwest history and music. In 2002, Marv was invited to the Kennedy Center's New Visions New Voices workshop to develop Sacagawea - an original play presented by Oregon Children's Theatre. Marv has spent years doing extensive research on the music, history, and culture of the native peoples on the Columbia River in the creation of The Ghosts of Celilo. He served on the board of Painted Sky, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting Native American music, and co-produced Jammin' For Salmon for the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission. Thomas Morning Owl Jr. is a tribal leader, linguist, teacher, and musician. He has served as the Chairman of the General Council of the Umatilla Reservation of Oregon. In 1981, he was the youngest individual to be elected to the Tribes Governing Body at the age of 18. Thomas founded the traditional language program for the Umatillas and has supervised the tribe's preservation of Columbia plateau language, culture, and song. Thomas is an accomplished traditional singer and Powwow producer and announcer. His knowledge of traditional songs - both religious and secular spans many years. His efforts to revive the relatively unknown songs of the plateau lends an invaluable weight to the creation of The Ghosts of Celilo. Chenoa Egawa is a member of the Lummi and S'Kallam nations of Washington State and a multifaceted performance artist. As a vocalist, she has released three CDs - Heartbeat of Life (Swan Clan Productions, 2006), Road of Life (Swan Clan Productions, 2002) and Sacred Fire (Sound of America Records, 1997). Her experience as an actor includes performing in the lead role of Sacagawea, staged as part of the New Visions, New Voices series at Washington, D.C.'s Kennedy Center in May 2002, and a guest appearance on television's Northern Exposure. She is also host of the Native news television program, Northwest Indian News, and hosted the one-hour documentary, Inside Passage, for PBS currently showing nationwide. She has performed as guest singer and storyteller at a variety of Native cultural events. Egawa has long been active in international work for Indigenous peoples. In 1991, she worked as an intern at the United Nations Center for Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland, serving as a member of the Secretariat during the 10th Session of the Working Group of Indigenous Peoples. In 1996, she was part of an international Native delegation that traveled to Chile to support Indian communities there in efforts to halt construction of dams on their homelands. In 1997, she received a fellowship from the Institute of Current World Affairs to study, write and publish on issues concerning Indigenous peoples of Mexico and Guatemala. For the past six years, Egawa has worked with the University of Washington in Seattle to develop curriculum and workshops that celebrate Native American culture, values and spirituality and foster self-empowerment among Native youth. Tom Hampson has been involved in business and cultural arts development for Northwest tribes for more than 20 years. He is a writer, poet, composer, and is the executive director of the Oregon Native American Business Network. Tom serves on the board of Crow's Shadow Institute on the Umatilla Indian Reservation, and recently scripted 15 multi-media programs at the Tamastslikt Cultural Institute including the theater video documentary, We Are. Arlie Neskahi is a native singer, poet, teacher, and flute player. In 1995, he was awarded a Grammy for his performance on Paul Winter's, 'Prayer For The Wild Things.' He toured extensively as a singer and dancer with the American Indian Dance Theatre Company and performed with A&M Records recording artists, Songcatchers, receiving the 'Outstanding Musical Achievement' award from First Americans in the Arts. Arlie has also traveled across the country several times with numerous drum groups, and his current group, White Eagle Singers, have won numerous singing championships. He was the musical director for the Oregon Trail Pageant, is the founder of Painted Sky, and the composer for 'The Bridge of the Gods' produced by the Tears of Joy Theatre. Neskahi has performed and recorded with The Trail Band on their new show, 'Lewis and Clark'. Greg Tamblyn recently directed and produced the successful I Love You, You're Perfect, No

1.1 Mary's Prayer
1.2 Stuck
1.3 I Was Chief
1.4 Fishtruck
1.5 If You Wanna Be Celilo
1.6 If You Want to Be More
1.7 From Now on
1.8 Everyday
1.9 God's Work
1.10 Aw Na Winasha (Fishing at Celilo)
1.11 Civility
1.12 Let Love Heal Your Heart
1.13 Celilo: A Great Fisherman
1.14 Could I Love the Man He'll Besomeday
1.15 Beneath the Shady Nook
1.16 This Dam
1.17 The Butterfly Song/Your Name Was Tuckna
1.18 Spirits

Ross, Marv & Rindy: Ghosts of Celilo


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