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Marvin Morrow: 100Percent Natural

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Artist: Marvin Morrow

Title: 100Percent Natural
Label: CD Baby

Marvin Morrow grew up working on a farm in north Alabama. He bought his first instrument, a mandolin, for five dollars at the age of eight. With money he had earned in the cotton field. He began singing and playing at the age of ten. Some of his first singing was in church. And with the FFA band, and Quartet, which won top honors in competition. He finished high school in 1963 at Waterloo, Alabama. After that he moved to Nashville, Tennessee to seek a career in Country Music. The First year in Nashville was spent working in an auto parts warehouse during the day, attending Falls Business college at night, and singing and playing music on the weekends. In 1964, he formed a band made up of college students. This band worked weekends playing at school auditoriums, fairs and most any other place where people would listen. They played at radio and television stations in Nashville that showcased local talent and became well known through that media. During this time, he had the opportunity to work with stars that were known worldwide and became friends with many of them. This band disbanded as the members finished school. Marvin returned to Alabama and married Connie Rich in 1966. They made their home in Florence, Alabama for the next nine years. A band called The Waco Valley Boys was formed. Dates began to come along for this band. They traveled to Nashville and cut the first record for Marvin Morrow and fulfilled his life long dream. Radio and Television appearances began to materialize and show dates were getting closer together. Some of the members did not want to play as much as was being demanded of the band, so the band broke up. The last Country band Marvin would be associated with was formed at this time. They were called The Stagelighters and were made up of mostly younger musicians. A record was recorded and released and they began to travel over the United states playing shows with many famous Country Music Stars such as, Merle Haggard, Tex Ritter, Ernie Ashworth, Dave Dudley, George Morgan, Hank Locklin, Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper, and Bill Carlisle to name a few. Buddy Lee Attractions in Nashville booked the group into some of the biggest night clubs in the USA. One of the highlights of these travels was singing for the inmates at Leavenworth Federal Prison in Leavenworth, Kansas. Radio Stations began to chart the record 'Running from a little Georgia Girl' and things began to happen for Marvin Morrow and the Stagelighters. Two more records were cut, the last one being a male version of Jennie Pruitt's 'Satin Sheets'. In December 1973 in West Chester, Pennsylvania, Marvin Morrow came to realize that this was not the kind of life he wanted and that God and family meant more to him than being a country star. He canceled all of his show dates and returned home to be with his wife and four-year-old son. And began to attend church regularly. In 1975, Marvin accepted and obeyed the call of God into the ministry. And in August 1976 he was ordained to preach, by the Tennessee River Association of freewill bapist. And began to pastor and evangelize. Still loving to sing he formed a gospel trio. The lead guitarist from the Stagelighter band, Donnie Joe Rich, who also had been saved, played for the Trio. The group sang in local churches and auditoriums with the mission of getting the Word of God to sinners. These years were filled with working for a living, pasturing churches, and helping to establish and manage a manufacturing plant. God blessed Marvin with a good job that allowed him to sing and preach at the same time. In 1986, God blessed Marvin with the opportunity to become a partner in a manufacturing business, which was very successful. The sale of the business in 1995 allowed him the time to record and perform the music, he had always loved. Now he had the time not only to record and perform his gospel music, but also the time to spend with his family, which now consists of his Wife, Connie, son Brent and his Wife, Lisa, their Daughters Ashlyn and Molly; Daughter, Melissa and her Husband, John Brewer; Son, Marcus, his Wife, Tabitha, their Daughters, Isabella, and Ella-Grace, and their Son, Isaac. In June 1996, Marvin recorded his first solo project 'The Bible is True After All', Titled from a song written by Earl Rich. Earl (peanutt) Montgomery, also a former country performer and songwriter, produced this project. Since 1996, Marvin has recorded fifteen albun projects, and five concert videos, released thirty two radio singles, with twelve earning number one chart positions in mostly country gospel charts both Nationally and Internationally. Marvin morrow, Earl Rich, and Brent Morrow writes most of the songs recorded by Marvin. Marvin has written songs that have been recorded by The Singing Cookes, The Primtive Qt., Paul williams and the victory trio, the melody trio, Bluegrass legend Ralph Stanly, Connie Abner, The Christian Servants, New Glory Bound Singers, Josh Franks, Jack Stone, Mildred Key, David Smith, John Osborne, and many, many more. The Canadian gospel singer, Jacques Boulianne has translated many of Marvin's songs, and recorded them in the French Language. In 1999, another long time dream of Marvin's was fulfilled when he recorded a complete Bluegrass project and released it on his very own label, Piney Records. The cover from this album, photographed by his wife, Connie Morrow, won album cover of the year at the 2000 CGMA award show in Memphis, TN. The second Bluegrass project was released in January, 2002. Marvin host three hours of television programming each month. Is a regular performer on 'Gravel Road Gospel' and a frequent guest on 'Texas Country Gospel' while keeping a busy concert and revival schedule. In the year 2000, Marvin and Connie hosted the first annual 'Singing on the Farm' in Cypress Inn, Tennessee. This has become a huge annual event the last weekend of May every year. It brings together fans and performers from all over the United States for three days of country Gospel, Bluegrass Gospel, and Southern Gospel music, worship, praise, prayer testmony and fellowship, Marvin Morrow has been nominated by gospel radio DJ's for both Songwriter, and Single of the Year, and has received awards for Singles, Songwriter, Video, TV Host, and Male Vocalist. The mission of Marvin Morrow is to obey the Word of God and to perform with the anointing of the Holy Spirit that reaches out and touches those who listen. To carry the gospel to as many people as possible, see them saved and lives changed, whether by the preached word or song.

1.1 I'll Not Be Afraid
1.2 Pray for Me
1.3 Fallen Leaves
1.4 It's Time to Wake Up
1.5 Heaven Will Be Mine Someday
1.6 My God Has Not Failed Me
1.7 Not Made with Hands
1.8 Two Coats
1.9 Children Climb Up the Mountain
1.10 Oh What a Day

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