Mary Elizabeth Raines

Mary Elizabeth Raines: Hypnosis for Confidence!

$15.56 $18.98

Artist: Mary Elizabeth Raines
Title: Hypnosis for Confidence!

This Laughing Cherub Unlimited CD offers deep relaxation and guided imagery to boost confidence. The soothing voice of Mary Elizabeth Raines, an internationally recognized instructor of hypnosis and guided imagery expert, takes you to a beautiful garden by a lake, where you will strengthen your self-confidence, improve your sense of worth, and feel better about yourself on many levels. Woven into the background are healing pulsations especially formulated to provide you with a rich and profound experience. We want to preserve our planet! All Laughing Cherub CDs are now packaged in 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard holders.

1.1 Confidence - Mary Elizabeth Raines

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