Mary Ellen O'Brien: Yarnspinner's Tunes

Mary Ellen O&
Title: Yarnspinner's Tunes
Label: CD Baby

Mary Ellen O' Brien-- I am a Singer ~Songwriter from central New Jersey who has told stories at the Old Bridge Public Library,shared a stage with Nancy Falkow at Winter Poetry and Prose Getaways in Cape May, New Jersey,jammed with many performers in Aspen Colorado where I've visited each October since 2002 and love writing and singing music for children and people who are not children. One of my favorite mottos is: Music is NOT a spectator sport. When you hear these songs I hope you'll sing along ! Thank you so much for listening and sharing the joy of music with the children in your life. Peace, Mary Ellen.

1.1 Yarnspinner's Song
1.2 Sippin' Tea
1.3 Ice Cream Cone (Ellie's Song)
1.4 John E's Train Song
1.5 Building Blocks
1.6 Tale of the Five Monsters!
1.7 Please Puppy! (Mary's Song)
1.8 Sun (Glen P's Song)
1.9 My Wading Pool (Carolanne's)
1.10 Dancin' Shoes (Owen's Song)
1.11 Make a Wish Song
1.12 Little Red Chair (Laurie's Grandma's Song)
1.13 Kate's Lullaby
1.14 Yarnspinner's Reprise

Mary Ellen O'Brien: Yarnspinner's Tunes

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