Mary Hamilton: Sisters Alland One Troll

Mary Hamilton: Sisters Alland One Troll
Title: Sisters Alland One Troll
Label: CD Baby

In her straightforward, 'just-talking' style Mary brings you story retellings that are fresh, innovative, classic, and classy. 'Eleven Cinderellas' is a unique multi-cultural retelling of the Cinderella tale. In 'Three Sisters and the Troll' the youngest sister uses observation and action to save her older sisters and herself from a troll in this retelling of a Norwegian folktale. 'Kate Crackernuts' is a tale of step-sisterly courage and devotion. With twenty-plus years of storytelling experience, Mary says just enough words to bring the stories to life in the hearts and minds of her listeners. Awards: Parents' Choice Gold Storytelling World Winner: Storytelling Recordings category iParenting Media Award.

1.1 Kate Crackernuts
1.2 Three Sisters and the Troll
1.3 11 Cinderellas, Chile
1.4 11 Cinderellas, Russia
1.5 11 Cinderellas, France
1.6 11 Cinderellas, Mi'kmaq
1.7 11 Cinderellas, China
1.8 11 Cinderellas, Republic of Georgia
1.9 11 Cinderellas, Germany
1.10 11 Cinderellas, Spanish, New Mexico
1.11 11 Cinderellas, Hausa
1.12 11 Cinderellas, Ireland
1.13 11 Cinderellas, Appalachian, USA

Mary Hamilton: Sisters Alland One Troll

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