Mary Hulefeld: New Day

Mary Hulefeld: New Day
Title: New Day
Label: CD Baby

We created the songs on NEW DAY based on research on optimism within the relatively new field of Positive Psychology. These songs will teach children how to better handle negative life experiences, develop a future orientation and develop positive feelings about his/herself and the world in general. Research from the fields of positive psychology tells us that very early in life, children develop explanatory styles to understand events that happen to them and their emotional reactions to those events. These styles can be positive or negative, and are the roots of optimism and pessimism. As a child experiences events she internalizes self-talk to explain these events, and the Songs of Hope and Optimism are designed to make that self-talk hopeful and optimistic. As Dr. Martin Seligman clarified in his book, The Optimistic Child, it's not the good and bad things that happen to children that determine their beliefs about themselves, others and the world in general. Rather it's how children explain these events to themselves. This "explanatory style" is characterized by either optimism or pessimism. As parents and teachers, we can influence a child's explanatory style both through modeling optimistic statements and by helping a child understand both positive and negative events. We can help a child understand that bad things are the exception and not the rule; and that bad times are temporary.

1.1 New Day
1.2 Anything's Possible
1.3 Spinning
1.4 A Place Called Hope
1.5 I've Got a Light Inside
1.6 Shine, Shine Beautiful Light
1.7 Seeds of Hope
1.8 Something Special
1.9 I'm Blue- Good News
1.10 A Circle That Grows
1.11 Hope Says

Mary Hulefeld: New Day

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