Mary Jackson

Mary Jackson: Dancing in the Moonlight

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mary Jackson

Title: Dancing in the Moonlight
Label: CD Baby

I am a sixty-plus piano teacher,composer and school music specialist in Auckland, New Zealand. I currently teach 38 private pupils and keyboard to 42 children in two Catholic schools. I am a classical pianist and feel very strongly that children must be given the opportunities to hear and participate in beautiful melodies...that pop music isn't the only world of music. Dancing In The Moonlight has developed out of my deep interest in healing, both spiritual and physical.Due to a severe spinal injury, I have had years of chiropractors and massage therapists.Soothing music always relaxes me at a very deep level, enabling emotional and physical pain to be healed. Several massage therapists expressed the desire for a long recording where ALL the tracks were very that their client wasn't suddenly jolted out of a deep semi-sleep state! Every track on this 68 min CD is beautiful, uplifting and peaceful.Live flute, cello or piano sing over Brent Holt's gentle electronic harmonies. You can play this CD whilst you drive,study,or put the baby to sleep. May my music bring you peace and joy!

1.1 Dancing in the Moonlight
1.2 Sea Spray
1.3 Floating Dreams: Yearning
1.4 Floating Dreams: Gentle Flight
1.5 Floating Dreams: Where Is My Love?
1.6 Sea Spray
1.7 Tears in the Mist
1.8 Playful Moonbeams
1.9 Sweet Tragedy
1.10 Sea's Lament
1.11 Singing in the Wilderness
1.12 Dawn Faries
1.13 Endless Love
1.14 Peaceful Joy
1.15 Enchanted Lake
1.16 Dancing in the Moonlight

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