Mary Jo Mundy: Halfway to Heaven

Mary Jo Mundy: Halfway to Heaven
Title: Halfway to Heaven
Label: CD Baby

With her debut CD 'Halfway to Heaven' MaryJo Mundy is telling you a story of struggle, and redemption. Despite the title, it's a decidedly Earth bound redemption, steeped in feelings of inadequacy and ultimately self-acceptance. Listening, you get that it isn't just an artist's idea of struggle. This is no conceptual musing on life, this is life being lived. One of the composers of the track 'There's Always One More Time', Ken Hirsch, called this his favorite version of the song. First performed by Ray Charles, that's not a light compliment. The track is a stand-out among many gems, including a touching rendition of "Both Sides Now." Mundy has a voice you must hear.

1.1 I'm Miss Mundy - Mary Jo Mundy, Leiber, Jerry
1.2 It's a Wonderful World - Mary Jo Mundy, Samt, Jan
1.3 Everything Must Change/I Can See Clearly Now - Mary Jo Mundy, Ighner, Bernard
1.4 Other Eyes - Mary Jo Mundy, Tepper, Kirby
1.5 Halfway to Heaven - Mary Jo Mundy, Tozer, Geoffrey Lei
1.6 I Feel Pretty - Mary Jo Mundy, Bernstein, Leonard
1.7 Old Devil Woman - Mary Jo Mundy, Harburg, Yip
1.8 Bein' Green - Mary Jo Mundy, Raposo, Joe
1.9 When You Are Old and Gray - Mary Jo Mundy, Lehrer, Tom
1.10 Delicious - Mary Jo Mundy, Gershwin, Ira
1.11 I'm Gonna Eat - Mary Jo Mundy, Jessel, Ray
1.12 Fat Girl - Mary Jo Mundy, Jewel
1.13 Both Sides Now - Mary Jo Mundy, Mitchell, Joni
1.14 There Is Always One More Time - Mary Jo Mundy, Hirsch, Ken
1.15 Am I Lucky or What - Mary Jo Mundy, Markham, Shelly
1.16 The Girl Who Used to Be Me - Mary Jo Mundy, Hamlisch, Marvin

Mary Jo Mundy: Halfway to Heaven

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