Mary Lafleur

Mary Lafleur: More Pink Elephants: Fairy Tale Songs & Poetry

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mary Lafleur

Title: More Pink Elephants: Fairy Tale Songs & Poetry
Label: CD Baby

Mary Lafleur, who won the Parents' Choice Gold Award for her first children's recording, PINK ELEPHANTS, is at it again with her second release: MORE PINK ELEPHANTS: FAIRY TALE SONGS AND POETRY. No, it has nothing to do with ELEPHANTS and everything to do with telling a good story from an interesting, maybe even enlightened, point-of-view. The tales on this CD are more tongue-in-cheek than her earlier songs such as 'Goldilocks' and 'Chicken Little' and 'The Little Red Hen.' The message, for instance, in 'The Wolf and 3 Little Pigs' might boil down to 'Buy a brick home.' The songs work especially well in Fairy Tale units where teachers compare different versions and media.

1.1 Not So Grim Adventures (2:56)
1.2 The Wolf and 3 Little Pigs (3:32)
1.3 A Wild Riddle
1.4 Little Red Riding Hood (2:57)
1.5 Rumpelstiltskin (5:34)
1.6 A Safe Riddle
1.7 A Twisted Riddle
1.8 Jack and the Beanstalk (5:41)
1.9 A Solid Riddle
1.10 Billy Goats Gruff (4:06)
1.11 Cinderella (5:37)
1.12 Who's Woods These Are (I Haven't a Clue)
1.13 Daring Do, Mirror, Mirror (3:42)
1.14 A Light Riddle
1.15 Mirror, Mirror (3:42)
1.16 A Blurry Riddle
1.17 All's Well That Ends Well (4:27)

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