Mary Lafleur

Mary Lafleur: Pink Elephants in Paris

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mary Lafleur

Title: Pink Elephants in Paris
Label: CD Baby

2012 Parents' Choice Approved Winner 2012 NAPPA Honors Award Winner This musical romp is a wonderful introduction to the French language and culture. It includes songs, riddles and poetry written, spoken and sung in both French and English and features native speakers during several sketches, including the witty 'Learn To Speak French-Part 1' and 'Learn To Speak French- Part 2'. Whether used in a classroom situation or singing along in the car, you and the children in your life will have a wonderful musical & listening experience. For kids of all ages.

1.1 Fairy Wings [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
1.2 I Could Fly [Rhyme]
1.3 We're Gonna Go to Paris
1.4 Getting to There [Rhyme]
1.5 City of Light
1.6 A Grassy Riddle
1.7 In the Park [Rhyme]
1.8 Flaneur
1.9 A Stoney Riddle
1.10 A Geiserly Riddle
1.11 Bring Your Dog Along
1.12 The French Lesson, Pt. 1
1.13 I Speak a Little French
1.14 Sour Grapes [Rhyme]
1.15 Fox
1.16 A Fearsome Riddle
1.17 What's Your Favorite Word? [Rhyme]
1.18 Alouette
1.19 A Well-Placed Riddle
1.20 It's Night [Rhyme]
1.21 Moonshine
1.22 Frere-Jacques
1.23 A Bowl of Hot Chocolate [Rhyme]
1.24 A Fast Riddle
1.25 A Wandering Riddle
1.26 Left Bank/Right Bank
1.27 A Moving Riddle
1.28 A Useful Riddle
1.29 Cheese
1.30 A Famous Riddle
1.31 In Quaint Cafes [Rhyme]
1.32 Tower
1.33 A Serious Riddle
1.34 The French Lesson, Pt. 2
1.35 C'est la Vie
1.36 A Beautiful Riddle
1.37 A Towering Riddle
1.38 Cathedral
1.39 So Many Things [Rhyme]
1.40 Fairy Wings

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