Mary Marzo

Mary Marzo: Goddess Blessings

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mary Marzo

Title: Goddess Blessings
Label: CD Baby

Mary Marzo is a holistic psychotherapist and devoted Goddess spirituality teacher and pioneer. She is also a KRI certified yoga instructor and leader of workshops, rituals and sacred healing circles. As a psychotherapist, her practice focuses on an organic healing process honouring the uniqueness of each individual's journey. \'I strongly hold that we each carry our wisdom and the answers we need deep within us. It is the healing process that allows it to become accessible.\' Mary guides small intimate circles and worldwide healing meditations (e.g. The Toronto New Millennium World Peace & Healing Meditation) joining millions worldwide. Her internationally acclaimed Goddess Healing CDs have touched many people worldwide: Goddess Relaxation & Meditations which has achieved best seller status on several North American lists; Goddess & Child (Healing Meditations for the Inner Child) is recommend by therapists and counselors; and, Goddess Blessings 2 CD set (Goddess Mantra Chants and Daily Meditations)teaching how to create a daily meditation and spiritual practice. Goddess Blessings: \'I absolutely love Goddess Blessings. Integrating Marzo\'s mantras and meditations into my daily spiritual practice has helped bring peace and harmony into my life.\' ~ (SageWoman magazine) \'Wonderful....Excellent....Recommended...\' ~ (New Age Retailer magazine) \'Mary Marzo\'s new CD, Goddess Blessings, is exquisite!\' ~ (Eye for the Future magazine) \'Simply close your eyes and listen to Mary chant the name of your favourite goddess - which by the way is heavenly - and your whole being will melt into an ocean of peace.\' (Vitality magazine ) \'These CDs are soul candy.\' (L. Deshima) "I have been meditating to your Goddess Blessings CD for the last 116 days now. It is as though my day has either not begun, or is not complete without it. The blessings are truly yours and I thank you for mine. Namaste" (D. Magiera )

1.1 Intro to Goddess Blessings
1.2 Inner Teacher Meditation
1.3 Intro to Chakra Meditation
1.4 Chakra ; Golden Light Meditation
1.5 Protection
1.6 Gratitudes
1.7 Intentions
1.8 Affirmations
1.9 The Charge of the Goddess
1.10 Her Amazing Grace
1.11 Durga Chant (Goddess of Protection)
1.12 Lakshmi Chant (Goddess of Abundance)
1.13 Saraswati Chant (Goddess of Creativity ; Communication)
1.14 Sri Yanta Chant (Universal Divine Feminine)

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