Mary Norman: Stand Strong

Mary Norman: Stand Strong
Title: Stand Strong
Label: CD Baby

Stand Strong is a collection of inspiring Christian songs and meditational ballads from Christian song writer and singer Mary Norman. It includes 2 well known and beloved hymns from other Christian composers. The PLAN OF SALVATION is represented in song, taking you on a spiritual journey that each of us travel throughout our lives. Below is a playlist of this album: 'We Bring Good News!' offers a joyous introduction to the gospel message for all people. The "Eyes Of Grace" offer forgiveness to two Biblical characters who have lost all hope. "Down On My Knees" was written from a young woman's perspective, as she learns that disappointed hopes can build strong faith and patience to wait for God's answers. 'Because He Lives' a beloved hymn written by Bill and Gloria Gaither on the hope we have daily because Our Savior Lives. "My Shepherd" is based on Psalm 23, and testifies of our total dependence on Jesus Christ for His guidance, protection, and Providence. The words were inspired by a sermon by Pastor Randy Roberts (used by permission). "Kinsman Redeemer" is a love story originating from the story of Ruth and Boaz, but is ultimately about our relationship with Jesus who is our Kinsman Redeemer. "Redemption's Mystery" tells the story of the plan of salvation, which God originated before creation in order to save fallen humanity. The mystery of redeeming love will be studied and celebrated by all the universe throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity. "Surrender to Jesus" an 'appeal' calling us back to a loving Savior after wandering from His side. "God's Nail" was a poem written by Mildred J. Hill who died in 1916. Mary was inspired to write music to accompany this beautiful poem. "Reach the World for Jesus" was inspired by the Arizona Camp Meeting theme "The World for Jesus", and the chorus has been used as a theme song for Arizona camp meetings since. A bonus track for congregational use has been included in this production. 'Sweet By and By' another well known hymn preparing us for a land far away. "Stand Strong" is the story of 3 bible characters who were faithful to the true worship of God, and were willing to sacrifice their lives for Him. This story has an end time application for us today. Our desire for you is that this music will be soothing to your heart, uplifting to your spirit, and will help you understand the incredible love God has for you.

1.1 We Bring Good News
1.2 Eyes of Grace
1.3 Down on My Knees
1.4 Because He Lives
1.5 My Shepherd
1.6 Kinsman Redeemer
1.7 Redemption's Mystery
1.8 Surrender to Jesus
1.9 God's Nail
1.10 Reach the World for Jesus
1.11 Sweet By and By
1.12 Stand Strong
1.13 Reach the World for Jesus (Congregational)

Mary Norman: Stand Strong

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